Tom Brady
(Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

Tom Brady pumps up the crowd by a convincing story that the New England Patriots are some kind of Cinderella story.

Kelly's Comments

I hate Tom Brady so much. You don’t get to play this card Thomas. You don’t get to act like nobody expected the New England Patriots to make it to the Super Bowl again.

Every single one of us expected it. 

Not a single person went into the 2018-19 season thinking, “You know what? I know the Patriots lost a tight one in the Super Bowl last year, but I really think they’re gonna stink this time around.”

It’s the damn Patriots. It’s Tom Brady. It’s Bill Belichick.

The underdog gimmick doesn’t exist for five-time champions. It doesn’t exist for teams that haven’t lost their division since 2008. It doesn’t exist if you have the greatest Quarterback of all time paired with the greatest head coach of all time.

It is expected year in and year out that the Patriots will be in the Super Bowl. It took many of us a long time to accept that fate but it’s impossible to deny now. Pats fans don’t even pretend to care about the first 12 weeks of the season because they know it’s just a formality.

Media outlets run features every year on why “this is finally the year the Patriots might be done,” but it’s never correct. At this point, I think the writers of these pieces know they’re blowing smoke when they put them out while falling back on the hope that one of these years they actually get it right.

The point is that Tom Brady and the New England Patriots have absolutely no right to act like they’re the underdogs and I don’t appreciate the fact that he’s attempting it anyway.

You don’t get to be an underdog when you’re the greatest to ever do it.

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