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The New York Mets overrate Brandon Nimmo and the New York Yankees should trade Aaron Judge for a significantly older player.

Billy McInerney

The bad takes breakdown is back, as we take a walk through some of the sheer ridiculousness that only the internet can provide us with.

4: Rodgers Playoff No-Show

Fans of the New England Patriots are a weird bunch. They come to the NFL party blessed with Tom Brady and Bill Belichick leading them deep into the playoffs every year, but other quarterbacks live rent-free in their heads. Case in point:

Now, nobody is disputing that Tom Brady has had incredible success. But he also has arguably the greatest head coach in NFL history, while Aaron Rodgers has been stuck with Mike McCarthy, who’s game plan has consisted of hoping Rodgers will make magical plays.

Furthermore, completely ignore the fact Rodgers has the best passer rating in NFL history or that his 4.225 touchdowns per interception are significantly better than Brady’s 3.0234.

Rodgers also has collected 8.4 yards per attempt to Brady’s 7.8. Rodgers is a far superior player to Tom Brady, but he hasn’t had the competitive advantage of playing for the Patriots.

Rodgers has done better than Brady in major categories, but Brady has more Super Bowl rings. While the goal is winning rings, judging one player on team success is a massive logical fallacy.

To give one example, Trent Dilfer has a ring while Dan Marino does not. Stop judging quarterbacks on Super Bowl success. It does nothing but get you mocked in a bad takes space.

3: David Quinn Is Bad

Fans of the New York Rangers are dealing with a rebuild for the first time in the career of Henrik Lundqvist. When a team has been in contention for so long it can lead to impatience amongst a fan-base.

David Quinn hasn’t been perfect this season. His constant scratching of Tony DeAngelo has become incredibly annoying, and his repeated use of Cody McLeod is a problem. That said, it’s also worth noting that this is his first season coaching in the NHL and he has a roster that’s not, well, good.

While Quinn hasn’t been perfect, he’s also done a lot of very good things. He communicates well with his players, especially on the bench. That’s huge for a rebuilding team, especially after Alain Vigneault spent five years being too busy chewing gum to speak to his players.

When he’s scratched players, he’s gotten results out of them upon their return to the lineup. From young players such as Brady Skjei and Pavel Buchnevich to older players such as Vladislav Namestnikov and Brendan Smith, Quinn has forced positive responses.

Communication and player development are keys for every team, especially rebuilding ones. Quinn has repeatedly shown that he knows how to communicate with and get the most out of his players.

The results haven’t come because the talent isn’t there, but fans should be very excited as Quinn gets his hands on Vitali Kravtsov and K’Andre Miller. Overreactions are sure to continue, though.

2: Overrated Nimmo

The New York Mets have finally been reeling in the production from Brandon Nimmo they envisioned when they drafted him in the first round out of high school. However, people on Twitter named Nick seem unimpressed.

Let’s start with Spano. Nimmo’s 140 strikeouts put him outside of the 40 most in the league. Strikeouts aren’t a big deal in today’s MLB, and even if they were, Nimmo doesn’t strike out at an absurd rate, only a slightly above average rate. Not a big deal.

But it’s Stasiak who really takes the cake with the bad take. The idea that Nimmo is overrated is cringe-level bad. Nimmo’s .404 OBP was fourth in the entire MLB last season, trailing only Mike Trout, Mookie Betts and Joey Votto. That’s pretty good company to keep.

He also finished 17th in OPS and tied for sixth in OPS+ (which adjusts OPS to the park that the player plays in). The name of the game in the MLB is getting on base, and Nimmo has shown that he can do that with ease.

Nimmo was one of the best players in the league last season, and the numbers bear that out. If anything, he’s underrated considering how little he gets talked about nationally. If he’s overrated by Mets fans, then he’s overrated by stats compiled by Major League Baseball.

The New York Yankees are in a great position. They’re coming off of a 100 win season, and their young core, led by Gleyber Torres and Aaron Judge will provide a ton of production at a cheap price.  The team isn’t perfect, as the starting rotation and first base are areas of concern.

However, the team is in a good position and are set up to be a strong team for a number of seasons. However, one Yankees fan on Twitter wants to make a big change on the roster.

That’s right, Ash wants to trade Judge one-for-one for Corey Kluber. This is such a bad take that even I, a lifelong Mets fan who can’t stand the Yankees, am genuinely upset that this appeared in front of my eyes.

Judge is 26, under team control for four more seasons, and has a career .398 OBP while averaging 46 home runs for every 162 games. The guy is a franchise player who’s able to carry a lineup.

Kluber, meanwhile, is under team control for only three more seasons, is 32, and has five straight seasons of over 200 innings. He’s a prime candidate for serious arm issues that could pop up any time.

It isn’t guaranteed to happen, but you don’t trade a franchise pillar for anything, much less a player on the wrong side of 30 with the potential for arm trouble.

Kluber does help the Yankees if he stays healthy, and Miguel Andujar alone isn’t enough to get him, but if the price is a player like Judge than the Yankees are better taking their chances with the rotation they currently have and trusting their killer lineup to outscore anybody.

And while on the subject, Corey Kluber isn’t enough to vault the Yankees over the Boston Red Sox, even if they get him without losing Judge. The Red Sox rotation will still be better than the Yankees’ with their lineups being essentially a wash.

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