Clint Frazier
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Clint Frazier wants a starting outfield job for the New York Yankees. He also wants a new nickname. Let’s get to work.

Allison Case

Clint Frazier may not have been an active part of the New York Yankees roster through the end of the 2018 season, but he’s been incredibly present on the social media circuit.

The brash, loveable redhead has shown incredible promise on the field and revealed Thursday via his Twitter account that he’s been cleared to play and he’s gunning for a starting position.

If that doesn’t get you pumped for the season, what will? Now we just have to sit in wait until Feb. 23 under we can finally see some game action.

But he also showed a different side to him on Twitter on Thursday afternoon. While he’s been dubbed “Red Thunder” for various years, he’s ready for a brand-new nickname coming into the 2019 season.

Why? He just doesn’t like it.

All right, the righty with legendary bat speed has spoken. Maybe it’s not just the fact that he dislikes his nickname as much as he wants to get a fresh nickname to help emphasize his fresh start.

Regardless, let’s explore some options that Clint Frazier can weed through when deciding what his new nickname will be for his big coming out party in 2019.

Ginger God

I’ve been pushing this nickname for quite some time and now might be the time to bring it to light. Clint Frazier obviously hasn’t done a whole lot in his time in the majors but the hype behind the player is immense.

Of course, you can’t deny that Frazier’s hair has made us fall in love with red hair all over again. So naturally, that has to be somewhere in his nickname.

And the second part comes from that hype surrounding Frazier. Like mentioned earlier, he’s been praised for his legendary bat speed and relentless work ethic. Those are the tools you want on your team and those are the tools that give him the potential to be a God in the eyes of Yankees fans.

Not a fan? Let’s test out another one.

The Flash

It’s all about the speed, baby! Clint Frazier has got it both on the basepaths and at the plate. Plus, that flash of red hair up top doesn’t do anything but strengthen the case for this nickname.

While The Flash is clearly the name of a fictional comic book character from DC Comics, why can’t it be used to represent this up-and-coming player? It might do pretty well for DC Comics’ stock, right?

Hey, it’s worth a shot. If he doesn’t like this one, we can always move on to the third option.

Cat Daddy

This one should be fairly obvious. We all know Clint Frazier loves his cats. I mean, they are famous on Instagram and they are incredibly cute.

So why not recognize Frazier for being an incredible father to his two kitties, Papi and Pheeny, and also give him a nickname that represents his personality, which he also discussed on Twitter as well.

I would be 100 percent fine with seeing a Player’s Weekend jersey that says “Cat Daddy” on the back. And I would probably buy one for myself too.

New York Yankees Clint Frazier
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Big Red

This one is fairly obvious and if I need to explain, you might want to take a step away from the computer and approach this topic again later.

But anyway, this could be the winner for Clint. It’s absolutely simple and it still references his red hair, which is his most telling trait.

Plus, he’s going to be big in the Bronx once he gets his footing. He’s already shown he will work harder than anyone to get that starting position and keep it.

The Panther

This is one that Yankees fans have been using already in a way and it’s definitely an option for the ferocious outfielder. While it doesn’t have the red reference, maybe that’s a good thing.

That is his current image and maybe he wants to change that. Therefore, drop the red theme and go with an animal that truly describes Frazier’s big-play ability on the field.

This world has seen a ton of redheaded heroes. Disney Channel introduced us to Kim Possible. Ron Weasley is a key character in helping Harry Potter defeat He Who Must Not Be Named. Too bad Archie Andrews might *spoiler alert* be dead in Riverdale or else he would be on the list too.

But there’s none quite out there like Clint Frazier. Hopefully, these nicknames will do him justice.

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