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New York Yankees: Alex Rodriguez beautifully pranks fan (Video)

Jan. 16, 2019 officially marks the day when former New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez became that guy who is dating Jennifer Lopez.

Allison Case

Perhaps one of the most famous faces in the history of the sport of baseball needs to take another look at his brand.

Alex Rodriguez ran into a casual fan at the gym and, well, she knew he looked rather familiar. But not quite as the man who dominated the hot corner for the New York Yankees.

A-Rod played the whole thing off very well, teasing this woman and asking her to put that picture on her phone next to his face to prove that he wasn’t, in fact, Jennifer Lopez’s boyfriend.

While J-Lo is definitely a huge name in the entertainment world, Alex Rodriguez is probably the J-Lo of the sports world. Clearly, this girl isn’t as well-versed in the Yankees universe.

But we have seen A-Rod play the role of doting boyfriend since his retirement from the game to a T. He’s fixed her dress’ train at her recent movie premiere. He’s cuddled up in matching pajamas for the holidays. He’s welcomed J-Lo’s twins in as his own.

Basically, these two are #relationshipgoals and two bright stars who shine on their own but are even better together.

But we cannot diminish A-Rod’s stellar career to only his accomplishments as J-Lo’s right-hand man. After all, this is the guy who, despite the steroid scandal, launched 696 home runs in his 22-year career. He took the league by storm from the very beginning and held fans captivated up until his final ballgame.

A-Rod turned a corner since the drama, becoming a baseball player who was spurned for some time to one of the biggest promoters of the game.

This girl should take another look at him. Alex Rodriguez looks a lot like Alex Rodriguez but he also looks like perfect boyfriend material.

Sorry, Kate Hudson, you missed your shot.

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