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Melvin Gordon shares entertaining Uber ride (Video)

As if Melvin Gordon doesn’t have enough on his mind before tomorrow’s Wild Card matchup, he has to deal with some trash talk about his team.

Allison Case

The Los Angeles Chargers finished the season 12-4 but they should probably take another L at the hands of this Uber driver who doesn’t even know the Chargers players.

Melvin Gordon has just returned to the field and, naturally, he was missing from the game for quite some time. However, his Uber driver in Baltimore had absolutely no idea who he was. The results, which were taped by Gordon, were absolutely hilarious.

Before the Chargers’ matchup against the Baltimore Ravens Sunday at 1:05 p.m., Gordon wandered around Baltimore, running into a pretty talkative and hilarious Uber driver.

The secret video Gordon posted is full of absolute gems. I mean, the Chargers may be a Wild Card team but they still have 12 wins. Apparently Mr. Uber doesn’t think that Philip Rivers is even a factor to be concerned about for the Ravens.

While Gordon argues about Rivers’ Hall of Fame status, Mr. Uber simply laughs it off, talking about that Heisman winner the Ravens have going on their side in Lamar Jackson. But what about Melvin Gordon?

Of course, the superstar had to ask Mr. Uber about his impression on his play this season. Well, Mr. Uber thinks that “he’s something.”

Right answer, Mr. Uber. Right answer.

Of course, he does ask Gordon if he plays any sports himself. So when he sees this video has gone viral on the Los Angeles Chargers’ Twitter account, he might be a little embarrassed.

It’s not a far stretch, seeing as how Gordon’s face and locks are constantly covered with his helmet during the game so how could a casual football fan recognize him?

The matchup Sunday will pit Philip Rivers against the mobile rookie Lamar Jackson. However, Rivers finished his regular season with a pretty good groove, completing 68.3 percent of his passes, the second highest completion percentage in his lengthy career.

Gordon, despite missing four games this season, is coming off a regular season where he had 10 touchdowns and put together some stellar receiving routes.

Oh, and this is rich. Mr. Uber isn’t even a Ravens fan. He’s from Texas.

I guess we’ll see what happens when it comes to this Chargers-Ravens matchup tomorrow. Maybe Melvin Gordon will thank Mr. Uber after a win for giving him some motivation.

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