Gary Sanchez New York Yankees
(Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)

Gary Sanchez took to Instagram to let the world know his 2019 with the New York Yankees will be great because of how awful his 2018 was.

Aaron Case

New York Yankees backstop Gary Sanchez is ready for 2019 to wash away the stench of his 2018. At least, that’s what he said on Instagram.

“Thank you 2018. For giving me adversity,” the 26-year-old posted on New Year’s Eve. “Thank you because that adversity has only fueled my fire to have a healthy, focused and improved 2019. Here is hoping that all of you guys have a healthy and happy 2019.”

Here’s the full post, with the Spanish translation included:

The “adversity” Sanchez is likely referring to is a combination of injuries and criticism for a rough year at and behind the dish.

El Gary only played in 89 games in 2018, missing time for multiple stretches with a groin injury. After the season he also had surgery to remove tissue from his left shoulder.

When he did play, he didn’t produce at the level his fans and coaches have come to expect. The Kraken slashed just .186/.291/.406. Also, he regressed defensively, leading the league in passed balls despite playing only 76 games at catcher.

The Kraken should be plenty motivated as he’ll be heading into his first contract arbitration after the 2019 season. If that’s not enough to get him going, Brian Cashman may have sent a message by letting his name briefly surface in J.T. Realmuto trade rumors.

A healthy, motivated Sanchez is certainly a good reason for fans to anticipate the 2019 season. This is a dude who blasted 20 home runs in 53 games in 2016. He then smashed 33 bombs in his first full season in 2017.

Add a peak-performing Sanchez to Aaron Judge, Miguel Andujar, and the rest of the lineup, and 2019 should be a year of offensive fireworks displays. Bring on the blowouts.

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