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The New York Yankees would much rather have a 28th trophy waiting under their Christmas tree Tuesday morning, but they’ll have to settle for these Secret Santa gifts instead.

Allison Case

A close-knit group of friends will often get together, have a few bottles of wine, and exchange Secret Santa gifts. If we can do it, why can’t the New York Yankees?

The Bombers had their fair share of gifts this season, starting with a Wild Card finish. However, the Grinch stole Christmas when the Boston Red Sox swiped the ALDS from them.

If there’s one thing we noticed about this team this year, it’s that they are very tight-knit and seem to get along well both on and off the field. These guys are truly a band of brothers, as we’ve seen on their Instagram stories and Twitter accounts.

Chances of them doing a gift exchange are pretty great. However, let’s have a little fun with this and get a better idea of what these guys might get each other for the holidays.

New York Yankees Secret Santa is a crowd-pleaser so here we go-ho-ho!

CC Sabathia has Brett Gardner

Veteran CC Sabathia picks another veteran in Brett Gardner, his reliable outfielder. This is the perfect pick for Sabathia because he gets a chance to out-prank the ultimate team prankster.

With that being said, Sabathia definitely is going to kill this exchange because he probably got Brett Gardner some of his favorite shampoos.

Get it? Just call him baldy.

You know Gardy gets a good laugh out of it while CC definitely is having a big ol’ belly laugh over Gardner opening up his gift.

Maybe he could earn the title of the new team prankster. That is unless Gardy gives an even better gift …

Brett Gardner has Sonny Gray

There are so many ways we can go with this. But let’s go with the most entertaining option. Sonny Gray’s gift from Brett Gardner would definitely be plane tickets back to Oakland.

Although Gardner is a loveable teammate, it’s time for him to say enough is enough. Gray hasn’t had his typical pitching success in the Bronx and the last time he was truly great was in Oakland.

Gardner is just trying to be a supportive teammate by encouraging Gray to be the best he can be. But they can also have a little fun with it, right?

Sonny Gray has Greg Bird

Sonny Gray seems like such a good guy. Greg Bird seems like such a good guy. We all know Gray’s gift is probably a little more serious than the previous two.

Bird’s gift from Gray will be a nice new sweater. Oh, not for Bird. No, the sweater will be for his perfect pet, Mr. Delicious.

We haven’t seen enough of Mr. Delicious from Bird’s Instagram and maybe this gift will be a push in the right direction to get more Mr. Delicious content.

Besides, that hairless cat must be cold all the time. Greg Bird needs to be more careful of keeping his little one warm.

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Heater ✔️ coffee ✔️ leopard print blanket ✔️

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Greg Bird has Gary Sanchez

What about the primary backstop for this juggernaut Yankees team? Gary Sanchez’s Secret Santa is Greg Bird and he’s giving Sanchez a set of blocks.

Not only is it appropriate seeing as how he is still considered a Baby Bomber, but he also clearly needs to learn how to play around with blocks.

Let’s be real. Sanchez is a huge offensive threat. His arm is out of this world. But if there’s one part of his game that needs work, it’s his blocking skills.

Of course, Bird has to be the one to give it to him because he’s one to talk. Bird made a few key errors this season and maybe he just wants to stop being the butt of the joke. Too bad Gary Sanchez is beloved by many.

Yet he’ll still use those blocks. And maybe learn a thing or two.

Gary Sanchez has Miguel Andujar

Sanchez is tired of being the defensive slander he receives. So maybe he wants to transfer that over to Miguel Andujar by getting him a giant glove to use at third base.

It’s no secret that Andujar’s defense is the weakest point in his game. In fact, it’s been discussed to death every single day. We know that Andujar is working with trainers and a special program to improve his defense but this would definitely be an entertaining gift.

Maybe right now it is funny but it will be even funnier in a few years when Andujar is one of the better third basemen in the game. Then he can look back and let Sanchez know that he’s not rookie Miggy anymore.

Miguel Andujar has CC Sabathia

So let’s bring it around full circle here. Sabathia’s Secret Santa is Miguel Andujar and the young rookie does not disappoint with his gift.

Andujar definitely will be traveling to Scranton to pick up multiple boxes of Krispy Kreme donuts, a personal favorite of the big man.

You can’t joke with Sabathia because he is a wily veteran. He’s a team leader. What he says, goes. So if Andujar wanted to give a joke gift, you know that Sabathia would make him pay.

Of course, the rest of the team has their own Secret Santa gifts to give out as well. Will they be half as entertaining?

Who knows about the gifts but at least this entire team gets along better than most. Merry Christmas to everyone, especially the New York Yankees!

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