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Despite the bitter New York Yankees-Boston Red Sox remaining strong, there is no place in snubbing Mariano Rivera for the HOF.

Allison Case

What’s the greatest Christmas present a baseball fan could receive? That would be tension brewing up in the New York Yankees-Boston Red Sox rivalry. And it’s not even baseball season.

Joy to the World!

If you’ve been living under a rock, or just off the grid because social media can be a nasty place, we’ll get you updated. Writer Bill Ballou revealed that he would not be voting for Mariano Rivera to get into the MLB Hall of Fame.

Naturally, Ballou is a writer for the Worchester, Mass., Telegram. Aka enemy territory. The comments were reported by Mark Fischer of the New York Post.

So, here we go again. The Boston Red Sox are taking out their frustrations with the most successful franchise in the history of sports by bashing one of arguably the greatest closers in the history of the sport.

Just another reason why Yankees fans love Red Sox fans.

This is absolutely absurd in so many ways but let’s start with the obvious. Rivalries aside, if you think that Mariano Rivera (the all-time MLB saves leader, all-time MLB leader in games finished, 13-time All-Star and key cog in five Yankees championship seasons) doesn’t deserve to be enshrined amongst players who have changed the face of baseball, you are delusional. Or just from Boston, apparently.

Rivera’s resume has literally left nothing to be desired. He has accomplished it all and did it in dominating fashion. Rivera finished 952 games and had 652 total saves. His cutter was the stuff of legend, becoming the one pitch that no player could seem to figure out.

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