Clint Frazier New York Yankees
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Clint Frazier is working to move on from his injury-plagued 2018 season and get back on the field for the New York Yankees in 2019.

Aaron Case

Do you hear that rumble off in the distance, New York Yankees fans? That’s Red Thunder preparing to take a run at Brett Gardner and Jacoby Ellsbury in left field when spring training starts in February.

Bombers outfielder Clint Frazier told Yes Network’s Jack Curry on Thursday that he’s ready to earn a spot on the 2019 opening day roster.

“I know there is some time to be made back up to go out there and ultimately win that job, but everyone is well deserving. … I’m pretty confident in what I can do; go out there and play as hard as I can, and try to win that job and help the team.”

The 24-year-old would have had a huge opportunity to prove himself when Aaron Judge went down in July 2018 with a fractured wrist. However, Frazier was still dealing with symptoms from a concussion he suffered early in spring training that year.

After missing that moment, Frazier now has Ellsbury and Gardner standing in his way. The Bombers have just over $28.6 million invested in the two veterans for 2019, so Frazier will have to destroy the spring league to get the starting nod.

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If all three players are still on the roster come spring, there’s also a possibility of a platoon situation. Both Gardner and Ellsbury are lefty swingers, while Frazier is a righty.

Yankees GM Brian Cashman may have other plans for Frazier, though. He can still trade the youngster—if not this offseason, then in a trade deadline move. Once he proves he’s healthy, he should regain his status as a prime trade chip.

Whatever happens, Frazier is ready. He won’t miss his next MLB chance.

“I’ve been slowly hitting, throwing, working out,” Frazier told Curry. “… I’m pretty much full tilt whenever I’m ready to go.”

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