Marcus Stroman
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Manny Machado has yet to officially sign with a team but it seems AL East rival Marcus Stroman thinks he’ll be a member of the New York Yankees.

Allison Case

If Manny Machado does sign with the New York Yankees, it seems we’ll have to start crediting Marcus Stroman with breaking the news.

The Toronto Blue Jays ace took to Twitter Thursday morning to reveal his opinions on the Machado signing and he seems utterly convinced that this former Baltimore Oriole will be back in the AL East.

Of course, the Yankees are one of the favorites to land the coveted shortstop but some of his other suitors have probably made comparable offers. There’s no way for Stroman to know for sure unless he has someone on the inside …

It’s intriguing to think about what the AL East could be with Machado donning pinstripes. The best part is that he would have a cast of characters around him that are also incredibly talented.

But Stroman is right. In the past, the Yankees have spared no expense when it comes to signing prized free agents. Have all of them worked out? Of course not.

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But does that stop the Yankees from throwing their money on these free agents? Absolutely not.

It’s nice to hear an analysis coming from a player within the division instead of a bunch of writers making predictions.

He’s definitely right in terms of the Boston Red Sox, as their lineup will certainly be lethal. And what about the Tampa Bay Rays, who came on strong last season and fought tooth and nail until the end of the season? Or the Orioles, always sneaking up on teams like the Yankees?

Of course, Stroman is one of the best competitors in the AL East and if he’s excited about the season, that must make everyone else much more excited for the prospect of Opening Day.

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