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The New York Yankees are meeting with Manny Machado on Wednesday, but what is their real endgame with him?

Josh Benjamin

Let the speculation, excitement, and anxiety begin, folks. As was reported earlier by George A. King III of The New York Post, Manny Machado and the New York Yankees will meet in person on Wednesday.

The hottest name on the free agent market not named Bryce Harper, Machado is expected to be paid well. Which team meets his contract demands, however, remains to be seen. Jon Heyman of Fancred reported the star infielder as already meeting with the Chicago White Sox.

ESPN’s Buster Olney added earlier this week Machado had meetings lined up with four teams.

And as MLB turns into the latest season of The Bachelor, the question asks itself.

What is the New York Yankees’ endgame with Manny Machado? Well, based on past history, your favorite Yankees columnist thinks he has the answer.

Where things currently stand

The biggest question regarding Manny Machado and the Yankees is simple: where would he play? The infield has a hole at shortstop, sure, but New York already has options. Gleyber Torres can just slide over from second base until Didi Gregorius is back from Tommy John surgery in the summer. This makes sense given Machado’s -6.1 career UZR at short, compared to his mark of 50.6 at third base.

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