On Sunday night, Los Angeles Rams cornerback Marcus Peters took matters into his own hands with one heckler.

Marcus Peters had enough with one heckler. Most times, players won’t engage with hecklers and everyone knows it. That’s why it’s so surprising to see Peters engage with one specific heckler face to face.

Peters’ profanity-laced tirade shut the fan up quickly and it’s clear that the fan’s bark was much worse than his bite. The heckler’s cowardice was on full display too.

As soon as Peters started walking toward the stands, the fan starts telling the cornerback, “You’re gonna get fined,” and it’s clear the fan really doesn’t want to engage.

Then, as soon as Peters is up in his grill, the fan starts saying, “Don’t touch me.”

It was the perfect response from Peters and he probably will get fined, but I’m sure he has no regrets. This mentality from losers like this needs to be checked from time to time.

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