Manny Machado
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Let’s talk the New York Yankees and Manny Machado as though it’s something new. Now the Bombers have officially set a date for his visit.

Allison Case

Roll out the red carpet for Yankee Stadium, New York Yankees employees. Get your Sunday best on. It’s time to meet the King.

Manny Machado, perhaps the most coveted free agent this offseason, is scheduled to arrive in the Bronx to make his visit on Wednesday afternoon. The offseason just got significantly more interesting.

George King III from the New York Post was the first to reveal the date.

The Yankees better put all the stops out for Machado, who has plenty of suitors on the market. Perhaps their biggest competitor is the Chicago White Sox, the team who just signed Yonder Alonso, Machado’s brother-in-law.

The Bombers pulled out all the stops for Patrick Corbin when he visited Yankee Stadium so I’m expecting something grand for the free agent who is looking for something in the ballpark of $300 million.

While Machado would bring some solid numbers to the Yankees, who will be starting the 2019 season without their starting shortstop in Didi Gregorius. However, he also brings another interesting element to the table. That would be his hatred for the Red Sox.

Listen, the Boston Red Sox despise Manny Machado. Machado made it very clear that his feelings are mutual towards the AL East foes. Signing with the Yankees would be the ultimate slap in the face for the Boston Red Sox, reigniting the rivalry once again.

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Machado spent his split season between Baltimore and Los Angeles with a .297 batting average, 37 home runs and 107 RBIs, all either career highs or tied for them.

Those numbers could be accentuated at Yankee Stadium, as Machado has a .289 lifetime batting average and eight home runs … tied for the most in any visiting ballpark with Fenway Park.

All good news for the Yankees and come Wednesday, they’ll be able to roll out the red carpet for Manny Machado. From there, it’s all up to him.

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