Adam Ottavino
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The New York Yankees bullpen needs some attention this winter. Adding Adam Ottavino would boost an already elite relief corps.

Josh Benjamin

Friends, Romans, New York Yankees fans, lend me your ears! I have a question I must present to the masses, and fast.

Why aren’t we talking about Adam Ottavino this offseason?

It’s a random query, sure, but hear me out. There I was on the A train, a slice of Ray’s Original in one hand, random pizzeria grape drink in the other, plus some dirty water dogs in my backpack for a snack later, and it dawned on me. Adam Ottavino and the Yankees go together like pastrami on rye and matzoh ball soup at Katz’s Deli; hot dogs and fries at Nathan’s; the Long Island Railroad and delays.

OK, now that I’m done sounding like the worst kind of New Yorker, let’s get serious. The Yankees aren’t done this offseason, and their bullpen is an area needing some attention. Adding Ottavino wouldn’t make or break the offseason at all, but he’d certainly add to the Yankees’ greatest strength.

Brian Cashman needs to sign Ottavino, the sooner the better.

Colorado Clutch

The casual New York fan does not know Adam Ottavino from a pint at McSorley’s. The 33-year-old right-hander debuted with the St. Louis Cardinals in 2010, and the Colorado Rockies claimed him off waivers in 2012.

Since then, Ottavino has become a household name in the Rocky Mountain State. His devastating slider has his K/9 at 10.11 for his career, and he posted a career-high mark of 12.98 in 2018.

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