New York Yankees
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Day 1 was fairly quiet for the New York Yankees in Las Vegas. Day 2 had a lot more promising developments for the Winter Meetings.

Allison Case

It’s not even close to Christmas Day yet but it seems like the New York Yankees fans woke up on Tuesday morning expecting to find Noah Syndergaard wrapped up under the tree.

Well, with all the developments that happened on Tuesday in Las Vegas, we’re not even sure if Syndergaard will be in pinstripes next season or anywhere besides Flushing.

Rumors flew all day about the potential for a blockbuster trade between the Miami Marlins, New York Mets and Yankees. However, Jon Morosi of MLB Network is reporting that things might not be chugging along quite as smoothly.

Let’s be honest. Trades involving three teams are incredibly difficult to settle on. However, the Yankees have had great success with these in the past when they acquired Didi Gregorius to become their primary shortstop.

The main buzz of the day would be the Yankees expressing interest in moving Miguel Andujar, the rookie who helped lead the team to the playoffs in his 2018 season.

While Andujar has done wonders with his bat, he still is considered a lackluster defender and the Yankees are looking to shore up their infield for next season. However, the Bombers will be taking a huge risk if they are going to trade Andujar to potentially lose out on Manny Machado when another team gives him a monster offer.

But what about pitching from another country? The Yankees also reportedly have their eye on another Japanese import.

The left-hander has been gaining a lot of attention at the Winter Meetings but if anyone has had success with pitchers from Japan, it’s been the New York Yankees. Their last big signing from across the world was Masahiro Tanaka, and look how that turned out!

Now some final news from the catcher standpoint. Brian Cashman spoke to reporters and determined what everyone would be assuming: Gary Sanchez isn’t losing his job.

That’s all from Day 2 of the Winter Meetings. And there’s still more time to go for these general managers to make some major moves. Stay tuned for updates from Las Vegas.

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