The New York Yankees have missed out on a few prized free agents this offseason so what happened to the franchise that could attract everyone?

Allison Case

Patrick Corbin was going to be the next New York Yankees employee. Too bad he signed with the Washington Nationals.

Oh, but Nathan Eovaldi will sign with the Yankees for sure. Eh, too bad he chose to sign back on with the Boston Red Sox.

It seems that every marquee free agent that the New York Yankees are looking at this offseason ends up choosing another place. Of course, Bryce Harper and Manny Machado are still on the market but with how the luck is going for the Yankees so far, it doesn’t seem like a foregone conclusion that this could happen.

The Bronx used to be a place that players would dream of playing in. It used to be the prime franchise that players would go to because every year came with the opportunity for winning a World Series.

So why are these players not lining up down the block to sign with the Bombers?

While the Yankees are a great team and are hoping to improve on a 100-win 2018 campaign, there are several other teams who have just as great of, if not a better, chance of coming home with the title.

Let’s face it. The Yankees haven’t won a ring since 2009 and only two this century. Their days of being the top franchise are seemingly over. Players will follow the money but they’ll also follow the opportunity to win it all. Apparently, the Yankees don’t look as promising as other teams right now.

We all saw Corbin chase after the money in his six-year, $140 million deal but he also saw an opportunity to potentially emerge a victor at the end of the season.

Well, that’s his loss. While the Nationals have a good core, especially in their rotation, their playoff history in the past decade is not great. While the Red Sox are obviously the favorite to repeat, it’s no wonder that Eovaldi signed with them. However, what they don’t realize is that the New York Yankees have some pretty great things going for them that can make them contenders.

However, these teams have something the Yankees haven’t shown yet this offseason: confidence that they can be a winning franchise once again.

As much as Yankees fans don’t want to admit it, the culture has changed in the Bronx. Of course, winning is important but they just aren’t the dominating force they were in the 1990s. Instead, they have settled into a playoff team who can’t seem to reach the World Series.

Brian Cashman
Bruno Rouby, ESNY Graphic, Getty Images

And with that changing culture, some of the most talented players are exploring other options that have the “win-now” mentality.

Do the Red Sox have it? Yup. Do the Washington Nationals have it? With the way they’ve been building up their team in the past few years, absolutely. Do the Yankees have it? They’d like to think so but they aren’t approaching the free agent market like they’re in it to win it now.

That’s what Washington is doing, extending a risky offer to Corbin. That’s what Boston is doing, locking up Eovaldi with a decent offer. That’s exactly what the Yankees need to do to prove they’re as serious about winning with this team as their fans are.

That doesn’t mean to make stupid offers. No, not at all. That means to make offers that prove to these players that they are serious about bringing their talents to the Bronx and serious about winning the last game at the end of the season.

We all know Brian Cashman is far from done this offseason. With these marquee free agents off the table, Cashman has to get serious about winning with his signings.

These Yankees want to win and they could’ve done that with Corbin or Eovaldi. Now they have to make some power moves this offseason to help make that happen and get back to the Evil Empire that everyone despised.


  1. Good move by Yankees…both pitchers are banking on career year and that was it…Happ has a track record of success in spite of age……get a package together for Kluber ( Bird, Gray, German and a top prospect?) and they should be set rotation wise

    • You’re not serious with that hypothetical proposal, are you?? Why would the Indians even consider that for a legit frontline starter under team friendly salaries?? At this point, Greg Bird has no value. If the Indians want a 1st baseman, they can pull better, more of a sure thing off the FA market in CJ Cron or Justin Bour. Greg Bird would be nothing more than a throw in, and only if the Yankees were making a move at 1st. German is about to be 26, and likely has no future starting. Maybe a great relief guy, but still questionable. Gray is a FA after 2019, so there’s no future value with him, and his current value is at an all time low. 3 players with little to no value, and 1 top prospect. Would you even consider that if you’re the Indians?? Seriously doubt it.

      Without Torres or Andujar, Yankees are gonna have a tough time matching up. Indians want a young controllable proven MLB OF. NY doesn’t have 1. So without providing the tremendous value with guys like Torres or Andujar, Indians will have little interest in what NY has to offer unless they just go overboard with value in prospects. My opinion, best way to make it happen, a 3 way deal with Seattle. They have what Cleveland wants (Mitch Haniger). NY has what Seattle wants (prospects n salary relief). So something like Bauer/Kluber n Dee Gordon to NY, Haniger and Chance Adams to Cleveland, and Frazier/Florial plus to Seattle. Everybody gets what they want. NY has to take on Dee Gordon, but he can provide decent INF depth and speed that is definitely needed. Doesn’t stop NY from making Machado happen either, but can be insurance in case it doesn’t. This makes sense. NY isn’t getting a frontline starter for spare parts. They’re either gonna pay Andujar or a very high prospect price. In my scenario, they keep the talented bat in Andujar, and pay the high price in prospects.

      • I do like your thinking on the 3way to get them Haniger and leave Hicks alone. Obviously Mariners don’t want to pay Kluber …if they could wrestle Bauer for Haniger they might be interested in leaving the Yanks out of that one. I think only one of will go for the Indians. Carrasco, Bauer, Gray could still work pretty well with Haniger in the outfield and Andujar on third….and no I am not trying to get rid of Andujar…I just can’t see them not wanting him with that need and cheap good bat that all facets of him may improve. Curious….if you deal straight with Indians from Yanks….and Hicks goes…can they swing Haniger from the Mariners…so that would end up with Kluber #1, Haniger in center, Machado at short or 3rd. Haniger and Machado added to the lineup…savings of 35 million a year over Harper with terrible defense. So I can give the Indians Hicks if I can grab Haniger.

    • They aren’t looking for 1B….Bird may be a nice throw in but that won’t do it….If the Yanks offered that deal and the Indians said yes….Kluber would be in pinstripes already. Cleveland has no outfield and needs a 3b….so the pain of Andujar and Hicks and maybe Gray and a Bird and Frazier might do it. Minimally the Yanks need a handshake with Machado before this deal but it still leaves the outfield defense dry…6 Harpers won’t fix that. I can’t see them getting Kluber without feeling some pain….but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t do it.

  2. Lot of questions on the FA’s. You are also trying to find the right piece to make a 100 game winner a 110 game winner so they can take their own division. I think thats a lot harder then trying to be a 95 game winner and good shot at the division/playoffs. Your replacing 11 games Happ won and possibly another 11 Gray won…that’s 22 games to be back at 100. Paxton gives you a decent shot at 15…now you need another 17 to win the division…so enter Kluber then MadBum, then Bauer in that order. Bauer at this stage looks like a better bet then Corbin or EO and is 27….none of that works…you sign Happ for hopefully 15 wins and that is a slight regression for age from this year. Still thats 30 for 22…so the Red Sox need to get all of it again to take the division. Obviously I would be banking on a Robertson return as well. Mind you this is just from Pitching…Machado would be a possible topper to send the Yanks into overdrive if they can be healthier then they were this year. They could sign Walker to play 2nd and utility and be just as good offensively…Me and the projections have Stanton even better next year and a strong healthy year for Judge. Sanchez is a wild card. If the Yanks get Kluber and sign Machado then keep Robertson…I don’t know how that would be a bad offseason. Real concerned about Hicks going to Cleveland though…He has their interest for good reason.