Didi Gregorius
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I’ve had my fair share of gripes with the people of New York Yankees Twitter. Most of the time the bad takes are pretty harmless and get shut down fairly quickly. This particular Didi Gregorius take should be thrown into the East River. 

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Didi Gregorius is one of the biggest fan-favorites the New York Yankees have ever seen. He’s shown us that he can be an extremely productive player at the dish and his defensive capabilities are downright incredible.

Not only can Gregorius flat out play, but he’s also a huge positive presence in the locker room while accomplishing the impossible feat of taking over Derek Jeter’s post.

His fun-loving attitude has a huge impact on team morale. He’s also willing to go to bat for any one of his teammates no matter the circumstances (1:57 if you want to skip right to the part when Didi is the first Yankee to the pile):

A big part of that positive presence is his string of post-win tweets.

I mean, if my achievements were immortalized on the internet via emojis, I think I’d be leaving it all on the field every day.

Apparently, not everyone is a fan of the fun-loving shortstop:

This guy is just the worst. What kind of person doesn’t like Didi? 

Even worse, who doesn’t love the post-game emoji tweets? It’s the best part about a Yankees win.

Bottom line, this guy stinks. The audacity to even slightly insinuate that Didi Gregorius is only “very well liked” instead of “completely loved” is ridiculous. Thankfully, Yankees Twitter was there to make sure that this egregious statement did not go unpunished.

It truly is refreshing to see Yankees Twitter finally working together for a good cause and a true shame that we may never see it again.

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