Giancarlo Stanton
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The New York Yankees just got a full season out of Giancarlo Stanton. There’s no way they’re letting him go anytime soon.

Allison Case

Giancarlo Stanton’s debut season for the New York Yankees was not quite like his 2017 MVP season. It also wasn’t as bad as some fans make it out to be.

Did he blast a league-leading 59 home runs? No. Did he record a .631 slugging percentage? No way. But he did make a solid debut in the Bronx? Absolutely.

in fact, Stanton did blast 38 home runs, despite falling into some deep slumps throughout the season. Those 38 home runs are the second most of his career. It was also his second-straight 100-RBI season, marking just the third of his career.

Even though Stanton’s .266/.343/.509 numbers weren’t quite as advertised, he still made a difference in the Bronx. And yet, people are now listening to the latest rumors linking Stanton to trade talks.

The rumor began with Dakota Randall, of He released a piece discussing rumors that the Yankees were considering including Stanton in future trade talks this offseason.

First of all, if you are listening to a report from a Red Sox news source, shame on you. While they’ve broken news in the past, it seems highly unlikely to be a realistic source when they’re the only ones reporting it.

Secondly, this is just plain stupid. The Yankees literally leaped through hoops to make the Giancarlo Stanton trade happen just last offseason. They put him on such a high pedestal, as they should have, and pursued him relentlessly until he finally agreed to a trade.

There’s no way in this world, regardless of how messed up it is, that the Yankees would simply toss him in a trade this offseason. They would be ridiculous to let one of the guys go who helped the Yankees break the single-season home run record and aided in yet another 100-win season.

While some fans may not be happy that his output wasn’t quite up to the level of his 2017 season, he still played a key role in a dominant Yankees offense. Just because 59 home runs weren’t a part of the equation doesn’t mean any less of Stanton.

It was his first full season in the Bronx, under a massive spotlight that he was completely unfamiliar with during his time in Miami. It was his first real taste of the bright lights of the Bronx so, naturally, it took some time for him to adjust, just like it would any other player.

There’s also the fact that Stanton still has a massive contract to his name, a contract that many teams would be hesitant to take on. The Yankees weren’t quite so hesitant when the opportunity arose to acquire Stanton, which means that they won’t just be willing to let him switch uniforms after one season.

The 2018 Yankees made it clear that their game plan is to hit home runs in the coming years. They have the manpower to do it with Aaron Judge, Gary Sanchez and now Giancarlo Stanton. They need Stanton as a part of that game plan, which worked for them incredibly well last year. Getting rid of a player who has the potential to club 40-plus home runs in a season is just ridiculous.

Do we really believe these rumors flying around? These are just attempts to get Yankees fans to freak out. Because, let’s be honest, how fun is it to watch other Yankees fans squirm when an uncredited source decides to start throwing around big names on the trade block?

This is one rumor we can quickly debunk because it makes no sense for the Yankees. For heaven’s sake, Stanton literally declined trades to numerous teams because he was looking for a certain franchise to be a part of. There’s no way he’ll accept a trade out of the Bronx after he just got there.

Forget what the fans did to him early on during his first season. The Yankees are not ready to let go of Giancarlo Stanton and he’s not ready to leave the Bronx.

So stop the nonsense. Giancarlo Stanton isn’t going anywhere and we should all be thankful for that.

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