Miguel Andujar
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Miguel Andujar’s losing AL Rookie of the Year could lead to a strong 2019 season. An MVP season, to be exact.

Josh Benjamin

New York Yankees third baseman Miguel Andujar should have been AL Rookie of the Year.

Yes, I know I’m the zillionth fan to say that. I also know nothing can be done about it.

More importantly, if I know Andujar, he will take being robbed of the glory personally. The man is fearless at the plate, always looking for an extra-base hit. He even set a team record for most doubles in a season with 47, breaking Joe DiMaggio‘s previous mark of 44.

And as a rising second-year player, Miguel Andujar will be expected to build off of his strong rookie campaign. Sure, he had a great season at the plate, but the usual question remains. Will he get better, or was 2018 the best we will see from him offensively?

Not only will Andujar be better in 2019, but he will be way better. When push comes to shove, so long as he prepares accordingly, he will enter himself into the AL MVP conversation and make those who voted against him think twice about doing it again.

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