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Batdog Rookie is the best baseball Twitter follow and it’s not even close

With the MLB offseason now fully entrenched, time must be passed. Take a look at the best baseball Twitter follow, Bat Dog Rookie. 

The baseball offseason can be a dark time. Fan-favorite players are moved, organizations sell off their best players to begin a rebuild, and fans with terrible opinions take over social media and make sure you hear about them.

In these dark times, we need Twitter accounts that we can trust to bring us out of the offseason darkness.

Trenton Thunder’s batdog, Rookie, is the Twitter follow we all need.

Offseason Rookie is living his life to the absolute fullest right now. Sure he may miss the everyday grind of being the best-looking employee in the entire sport but he isn’t going to let that ruin his vacation days.

Rookie is going to enjoy his time off and make sure everyone on Twitter knows it. That is exactly the kind of positivity we need more of until Baseball comes back.

Rookie spends his offseason making new friends.

Rookie spends time thinking about his youth and all the friends he’s made on this crazy journey of life.

Rookie takes the time to enjoy all the holidays between October and March by celebrating them to the fullest.

Rookie takes the time to explore new hobbies to broaden his worldviews and make him a more well-rounded pup.

In an absolutely relatable way, Rookie uses his time in the offseason to catch up on some must needed rest and truly enjoy the quiet days in.

Rookie visits friends and goes swimming with them.

Rookie also jokes around with the other sports pups.

Most importantly, Rookie shares his appreciation for the game of baseball.

While some may just see a dog that retrieves bats for his team, a deeper dive into Batdog Rookie’s twitter account shows a fun loving pup who is soaking up everything baseball life has to offer. That makes Rookie the number one must follow on Twitter in my book.

Lifetime ballplayer and Yankee fan. Strongly believe that the eye-test and advanced stats can be used together instead of against each other.