3. 2018 Boston Red Sox

No, they did not get to 114 wins (the number of wins the 1998 New York Yankees came away with during the regular season). But the 2018 Boston Red Sox win total of 108 is way too close for comfort.

This season’s version of the BoSox rank third on the list for a straight simple reason: they’re a damn good team with very little to hate about them.

Think about it. There is no annoying David Ortiz or pompous Curt Schilling. There’s no creepy Pedro Martinez beating on old men. These guys are really tough to hate if Yankees fans are feeling honest with themselves.

If they actually reached the 114 regular-season number and, consequently, 123-win number in total, they may have been ranked higher on the list. For now, the 2018 BoSox belong here.

2. 2003 Boston Red Sox

When it gets down to the heart of the list, there are only two versions of the Boston Red Sox that must finish one-two.

The 2003 Red Sox may have died with the launch of Aaron Boone in dramatic fashion, but the hate was only getting started.

This was the season Pedro Martinez threw Don Zimmer to the ground. This was the season the Red Sox truly felt they owned the division and the championship was theirs. This was the season they truly and effectively stood up to the Yanks.

1. 2004 Boston Red Sox

Of course, 2004 is the most hated BoSox team of all-time.

Naturally, they have to take the top spot. What’s funny, though, is the team’s first championship in 86 years wouldn’t generally be met with hate.

In fact, most diehard Yankee fans, while they’d never admit it aloud, would silently reflect and showcase a slight smile at the thought that Boston finally picked up a well-deserved championship after so many tortured years. (After all, we do have our Jets, Mets, Knicks, etc.)

The reason it doesn’t file as warm and fuzzy in history is due to how it happened. Not only did they finally slay the dragon (the Yankees), they did it in historic fashion while overcoming a 3-0 ALCS lead.

David Ortiz, Pedro Martinez, Johnny Damon, Manny Ramirez, Curt Schilling … does anything else need to be said?