6. 2013 Boston Red Sox

It is perhaps, the most unexpected Red Sox title in recent memory but represented the last title between both organizations until 2018.

Winning only 85 games while missing the postseason for the first time since 2008 and second time since 1994, the Yankees were forced to watch David Ortiz tear up October.

5. 2007 Boston Red Sox

OK, once, while torture, was bearable. After all, flukes happen, right? But when 2007 and that Colorado Rockies dominance occurred, Yankees fans everywhere were treated to semi-dynasty talk that called its color red.

The Yanks won 94 games but were ousted by the Cleveland Indians and Joba Chamberlain’s midges mound issues.

4. 1986 Boston Red Sox

Literally, the cursed team was one out away. The likes of Roger Clemens and others couldn’t contain their burgeoning excitement as they were leading by two runs in the bottom of the 11th inning, one out away from the organization’s first title in 68 years.

But then Keith Hernandez cracked open a cold beer and had a smoke in the clubhouse after flying out. Gary Carter and company did the unthinkable and the rest was history.

For a brief moment, the 1986 version was the most hated Boston Red Sox team of all-time. They almost snatched away a well-deserved New York Mets World Series.

… almost doesn’t count. This is why ’86 is fourth on the list.