Alex Rodriguez David Ortiz
(Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)

Alex Rodriguez wearing a Boston Red Sox uniform after losing a bet is everything New York Yankees fans want to forget.

Aaron Case

As if losing to the Boston Red Sox in the 2018 ALDS wasn’t enough, New York Yankees fans now have to endure clips of former Bomber Alex Rodriguez prancing around the Fox Sports studio in a Sox uniform.

The story behind this debacle starts with a bet between A-Rod and retired Red Sox DH David Ortiz. Since A-Rod picked the Yankees to beat the Red Sox in the ALDS, he had to don a Boston uniform and let Ortiz dump champagne all over him.

The sight of Rodriguez in the rival gear is sure to evoke a strange mixture of emotions in Yankees fans.

It’s a mix of disappointment and frustration, fresh from the recent ALDS defeat. There are also guilty grins at the out-of-place uniform and the childlike joy of Yankee killer Big Papi.

It’s also awkward to see Rodriguez as a representative of the Yankees.

The former shortstop and third baseman spent 12 of his 22 seasons in pinstripes, hitting 351 of his 696 career home runs as a Yankee.

However, many Bombers fans would rather forget the team’s A-Rod era, marred forever by HGH, lies, and a full season suspension.

But A-Rod isn’t going anywhere. He’s fully leveraged his fame into a budding career as a media personality, in sports and beyond.

Rodriguez also hopes to sneak into Cooperstown one day. If he does, he’ll likely go in with the interlocking NY on his cap.

Don’t let it get you down too much, though. Big Papi and the Red Sox fans can have their fun now because the Yankees are loaded down with rapidly maturing Baby Bombers and looking forward to flipping the script in 2019.

Hopefully next year Ortiz is the one getting doused with bubbly. And maybe Fox Sports can bring in a better ex-Yankee to do the honors.

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