Didi Gregorius
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Didi Gregorius needs Tommy John surgery. Neither the New York Yankees nor their fans should panic about their top-end shortstop. 

Josh Benjamin

The New York Yankees‘ offseason started not with a bang, but with a limp.

During Friday’s press conference with manager Aaron Boone and GM Brian Cashman, it was reported shortstop Didi Gregorius needed Tommy John surgery on his throwing elbow.

Gregorius, 28, had another career season with the Yankees in 2018. He hit .268 and set a new career high with 27 home runs with 86 RBI. He dealt with heel and wrist injuries late in the season but was able to come back and hit .235 in the playoffs. Gregorius also once again served as the team’s hype guy in the clubhouse, with his post-victory tweets becoming a regularity.

Now, New York has to prepare for the possibility Gregorius may not be around for much of 2019. That’s a big loss no matter how you slice it and the idea of Sir Didi being gone is a scary one.

However, even if Didi Gregorius misses extended time, the Yankees nor their fans should panic because addressing the shortstop’s absence could wind up being an easy fix.

How long is he out?

Now, before we go any further, let’s quickly revisit Gregorius’ injury. He needs Tommy John surgery on his right elbow and could miss significant time next year.

Now, most Yankees fans will remember second baseman Gleyber Torres having the same surgery last summer and being ready for Spring Training. That’s because, for position players, the recovery time isn’t the usual 12-18 months like it would be for a pitcher. Initially, this would seem to spell out good news for Gregorius.

Except there’s a catch.

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