New York Yankees
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Despite their disappointing loss to Boston in the ALDS, the New York Yankees have accomplished an amazing amount of success since the Wild Card was introduced in 1994. 

Since Major League Baseball introduced the Wild Card in 1994, the New York Yankees stand out as the most successful by a wide margin. While fans of the Yankees are no doubt disappointed that they fell short against the Red Sox in the 2018 ALDS, this should not diminish the domination they have shown over the time.

Best by far in the Wild Card era

This season the Yankees made their 20th postseason appearance since the Wild Card was introduced. No other organization has made more than 16 postseason appearances over the same span. They have advanced to the ALCS 11 times. They have reached the World Series seven times, winning five Word Series titles, two more than any other franchise during that period.

The Yankees achievements in the Wild Card era has been nothing short of incredible. They are one of just six organizations that have reached the postseason 10 or more times over that span.

The Atlanta Braves’ appearance in the 2018 NLDS was their 15th in the Wild Card era. They have won just one title over that period and have not advanced past the NLDS in their last eight postseason appearances. The Boston Red Sox and St. Louis Cardinals have qualified for the postseason 13 times. The Red Sox are trying for their fourth World Series title this season, while the Cardinals have won two championships.

The Los Angeles Dodgers have reached the NLCS for the third straight season in 2018 and are making their 12th postseason appearance in the Wild Card era. Despite that success they have failed to win a World Series. Like the Dodgers, the Cleveland Indians have failed to win a World Series as well, despite reaching the postseason for the 11th time during the Wild Card era in 2018.

The Houston Astros and Oakland Athletics qualified for the postseason for the ninth time in the Wild Card era this season. While the Astros will be trying to repeat after winning their only championship in 2017, the Athletics have not won a World Series. In their nine appearances, the A’s have only advanced past the ALDS once.

While teams like Oakland, Atlanta, Cleveland and the Dodgers have struggled in their postseason appearances, the Yankees stand out well above the rest. In their 20 postseason appearances, the Yankees have won 23 series. That is seven more than the next closest team, the Cardinals, who have won 16. The Red Sox (13) and the Giants (11) are the only other teams to win more than 10.

Most dominant organization in professional sports

Overall the Yankees have established themselves as the most dominant professional organization in any of the four professional sports. They have won an amazing 27 championships since the World Series started back in 1903. The only other organization that has won more than 20 in the four major sports is the Montreal Canadiens who have won 24. Despite that number, Montreal has not won a Stanley Cup since the NHL expanded beyond 24 teams during the 1993-94 season.

A major difference in the amount of championships that the Canadiens have won and that the Yankees have won, is that 10 of the of those titles came when the NHL had just six teams from 1942-67. I do not wish to diminish the success of the Canadiens, but rather praise the incredible accomplishments of the Yankees, who have sustained success in every era.

Since winning their first championship in 1923, the Yankees have won a championship in all but two of the 10 decades since. Here is the breakdown: 1920s: 3, 1930s: 5, 1940s: 4, 1950s: 6, 1960s: 2, 1970s: 2, 1980s: 0, 1990s: 3, 2000-09: 2, 2010-18: 0. Keep in mind the Yankees still have a chance to win one in this decade if they can win next season.

While many Yankees fans are upset that they failed to advance and were defeated by their hated rival Boston in the ALDS this season, they have a bevy of young, talented players that should ensure that reaching the postseason will continue. Around the Bronx, the Yankees have made such outcomes their birthright.

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