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Aaron Boone did just fine in his first year as New York Yankees manager. He must be leagues better next season.

On the whole, Aaron Boone’s first season managing the New York Yankees can be considered a success. He won 100 games as a first-time skipper despite having to deal with multiple injuries. Moreover, his transparency with the media was endearing.

Now Boone is finding himself directly in the line of fire, and fans’ fingers are on the triggers. A series of puzzling decisions led to the Yankees’ elimination from the playoffs in Game 4 of the American League Division Series. Even worse, defeat came at the hands of the hated Boston Red Sox, fresh off a 108-win season with Boone’s fellow first-year manager Alex Cora.

Yes, Boone’s decisions in the postseason may have sunk the team, but he still has two years left on his contract. Yankees management isn’t going to let him go after a 100-win season despite an early playoff exit. That’s not only counterproductive to hopes for the future, but Boone would have to be paid what’s owed on the deal anyway.

Rather, Aaron Boone should and will use this experience to better himself for 2019. If he can do that, the sky’s the limit for this New York Yankees team.

Big shoes to fill

Taking over as manager of the New York Yankees is a prestigious job, and also one of the hardest ones. So many names have passed through Yankee Stadium’s hallowed halls and done so much good for the franchise; Casey Stengel. Joe Torre. Miller Huggins. The list goes on and features several Hall of Famers, and Yankee fans demand results. They hold those associated with the team to a high standard.

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