Welcome back to the Bronx Zoo, David Price! New York Yankees fans have been waiting to give you a present.

Allison Case

There’s no doubt that the New York Yankees have a favorite Boston Red Sox player. That player has to be David Price.

Well, fans made it very clear just how much they love the lefty starter during introductions in Game 3 of the ALDS on Monday night. After booing every single Red Sox player that was announced, fans changed their tune and producing a rousing cheer for the lefty in true Bronx fashion.

I’m just surprised we didn’t hear some “who’s your daddy” chants, dating back to Pedro Martinez’s days against the Yankees in the playoffs. Clearly Gary Sanchez owns David Price with eight lifetime hits against him, seven of them for home runs.

Price started on Saturday night for the Red Sox, not even making it past the second inning before allowing three runs on two home runs and an RBI single. He also labored through 42 pitches in that game, which turned into an easy 6-2 Yankees win.

Price also said that despite his poor start on Saturday, he would be available to pitch on Monday night should he be needed, which is music to the ears of both the Yankees and their fans.

Besides the cheers, I’m sure the Yankees are already making a statue for him in Monument Park and already have the date set for their induction ceremony for him.

Of course, Price might not come in the game tonight. In fact, we might not see him until Tuesday night or later. But at least Yankee Stadium knows that he’s the best Yankees player to never play on the Yankees.


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