New York Yankees
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Are you ready for Wednesday night’s do-or-die game featuring the New York Yankees? Of course you are! But here’s something to get you even more hyped.

Allison Case

Six long months. One-hundred and sixty-two incredible games. And it all comes down to Wednesday night for the New York Yankees. Win and they move on to face the Boston Red Sox and continue their chase for their 28th ring. Lose and they head home, tails between their legs, winning 100 games for nothing.

Well, that’s the blessing and the curse of the Wild Card game format.

This year, the New York Yankees will face off against the Oakland A’s on their home turf and it won’t be an easy contest. While the Yankees have some advantages to this matchup, there is a very good chance the A’s could come out on top.

But let’s not think about the negative right now. In anticipation of this game, you probably haven’t been able to eat, sleep or even focus during the day, anxiously awaiting 8:05 p.m. on Wednesday evening.

Oh, that’s just me? Okay then.

Regardless, this is the most exciting moment so far this season. It all comes down to this. And if that doesn’t get you pumped up, here are some of the best highlights of this past season to get you ecstatic to tune in on Wednesday night.

The Punch Seen Round The World

Let’s go all the way back to May for this gem. Gary Sanchez wasn’t having an incredible start to the season. However, he comes through in the clutch in the top of the ninth inning against the defending World Series champion Houston Astros.

This home run sent Astros fans into a tizzy…especially one in particular on Twitter. But Sanchez hit an absolute bomb and may have broken Ken Giles in the process.

He absolutely pummeled himself after giving up that home run and thus the greatest meme of the century was born.

Watch this home run on repeat and pray for another epic performance from Sanchez during the Wild Card game and moving forward in the playoffs.

The Comeback Kids

Let’s hope the Wild Card game doesn’t need a comeback. However, at least we know these New York Yankees are pretty good at it.

If this doesn’t pump you up, you must not have a pulse. The Yankees were down 6-5 when Craig Kimbrel took the mound. At this point in the season, the Bombers were facing a closer who had only allowed two runs. Well, the Yankees added a few more that night.

Aging outfielder Brett Gardner proved that his speed is still a factor on the base paths, as he launched a two-run triple to left-center field to put the Bombers back in the lead.

Of course, Aaron Judge followed that up with a monster shot to dead center to help add some insurance and defeat Kimbrel.

So early in the season but the Comeback Kids were alive and well. That was the type of magic we saw in the 2017 postseason. Is it possible to see more of that during this postseason run?

The Kid comes through

Gleyber Torres had himself a stellar season and his highlight reel is already full of incredible moments. This one takes the cake.

Torres celebrated his first walk-off in the major leagues against the Cleveland Indians, launching a three-run home run (of course) into the afternoon after the Yankees entered the ninth inning down a run.

What a moment for the rookie and this was just the beginning. Torres finished the season with 24 home runs and 77 RBI.

This moment was big-time for Gleyber Torres and now we get a chance to see what October Torres can do. This could be the start of something spectacular in the playoffs.

The home runs don't stop

I mean, there were 266 home runs this season. The majority of them were in the early innings but quite a few occurred during the most exciting moments in the game…the late innings.

Once again, it starts with Gary Sanchez. For a guy who got a lot of flack for not hitting well, he sure hit in some big moments. Sanchez’ eighth-inning blast tied the game and set up Giancarlo Stanton for his first walk-off in pinstripes.

Down to their final strike, Stanton took the hanging curveball deep into the left-field seats for his signature moment in pinstripes.

Not only that, but the Yankees were down 5-0 in the fifth inning and managed to turn this potential loss into a huge win over the Seattle Mariners.

Never test the Judge's arm

Let’s go to the defensive front before Aaron Judge missed significant time with a chip-fracture. Ah, the memories of Aaron Judge launching baseballs at ridiculous speeds and making runners regret their decisions on the base paths. Good times.

I mean, wow. Judge is truly something special. He can fire a strike from right field to home plate and he can also casually launch a perfect throw to second base without breaking a sweat.

This is true art in baseball form. And how lucky are Yankees fans that they get to witness this type of talent every single day?

Although Judge didn’t win a Gold Glove in right last year, he still is one of the most powerful weapons in that position.

Hustle & Heart

What gets people more pumped up than hustle? This was a prime example from Aaron Hicks, a key contributor to a successful 2018 Yankees campaign.

He hit one in Detroit, now he hit one in Kansas City. Normally his homers go far beyond the wall. However, this one he had to really work for.

This hustle shows just how much this team wants it. It shows just how hungry this team is and how much energy they have. They have been preparing for this moment all season long. Now they are here.

October has arrived and the Bronx will be rocking on Wednesday night. One game to decide what happens next. Either the Yankees will continue on or heartbreak will take over the Bronx.

It’s game time.

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