New York Yankees Andrew McCutchen
Photo by Mike Carlson/Getty Images

The New York Yankees need a boost just like they did in the 2017 postseason. They might have just gotten it by acquiring Andrew McCutchen this season.

Allison Case

Last year for the New York Yankees, the postseason was a magical time. Yankee Stadium served as “The Happiest Place on Earth,” for only the Bombers and the games would be the type that we’ll tell our grandchildren about one day in the future.

So if Yankee Stadium in the 2017 postseason was like Disney World, Todd Frazier was Mickey Mouse. He was the driving force behind that team, the energetic piece to the puzzle. While he was added late in the season and didn’t necessarily end up as one of the top hitters, his presence and enthusiasm helped drive the Yankees to Game 7 of the ALCS.

The Yankees have shown that they need that type of spark. While Todd Frazier is now on the other side of town, the Yankees picked up someone who might just bring that same enthusiasm to the squad.

Andrew McCutchen was a hot topic in the offseason for the Yankees but the asking price was far more than they were willing to pay for the former MVP. Instead, Brian Cashman worked his magic on August 31 by bringing over the outfielder in exchange for Abiatal Avelino and Juan De Paula.

In doing so, the Yankees didn’t just get another solid outfielder to add to the mix. No, instead they got the spark they were missing all season long.

McCutchen has delivered clutch hits and provided a patient, veteran presence at the plate since his arrival in the Bronx. While he’s nowhere close to the prime of his career, he is already making a difference for this team.

Entering play on Wednesday, McCutchen only had a .233 average since joining the Yankees. However, he still managed five home runs and, perhaps most importantly, has taken 21 walks.

With a lineup full of young, eager hitters, having a player like McCutchen taking pitches and working the count is great for getting the Yankees set up for success on the base paths.

Frazier had similar numbers and while they weren’t stellar by any means, Frazier brought something else to the team, just like McCutchen does for this team. That would be a certain energy that they’ve been lacking for the majority of the season.

Cutch has always had a reputation for being a great clubhouse guy and incredible leader. However, we’ve gotten to see his sense of humor and energy on the field.

A perfect example would be during Tuesday night’s game in Tampa Bay. McCutchen had a difficult time in left field, falling on the warning track while tracking a fly ball. While the fall itself was embarrassing, later in the inning he decided to have a little fun with the next fly ball his way, high-stepping before catching it.

It’s that kind of fun the Yankees have been missing on the field. The last time they seemed to have an enjoyable time while playing the game was when Todd Frazier broke out the contagious “thumbs down” last year.

Even better is McCutchen’s Instagram. Whenever something unique happens, McCutchen breaks out his Instagram after the game to describe it in incredible detail. These stories by McCutchen are worth not just one watch but several watches, eliciting endless laughs from fans.

And this isn’t the first we’ve seen of Cutch on Instagram when it comes to entertaining moments. There was the time when the airline lost his luggage in Seattle and he considered walking around town in a robe. Or what about earlier in the year when he details in hilarious fashion what it was like to be an outfielder in a brawl?

McCutchen’s attitude and energy have given these Yankees a chance to loosen up, much like Frazier did when he arrived and put on the pinstripes. The Bombers needed that extra spark when they chose not to bring Frazier back. They’ve gotten it with another veteran piece in Andrew McCutchen.

Andrew McCutchen is that energetic new face that the Yankees love to see, especially as October rolls around. As long as he keeps that energy and enthusiasm up, October is going to be a whole lot more fun for the boys in pinstripes.

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