New York Yankees Luke Voit
Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

The New York Yankees are going for the sweep of the Boston Red Sox at Yankee Stadium. Luke Voit is here to make sure that happens with a historic bomb.

Down three runs to the Boston Red Sox? In previous series, the New York Yankees would have panicked. Now with Luke Voit in pinstripes, they are as cool as they come.

Voit, who used the short porch last night to earn two home runs, hit a no-doubter to bring the Yankees to within one run. And it’s only the second inning.

We all knew Yankees-Red Sox games are supposed to be long but this is ridiculous. Well, at least the Yankees are scoring some runs in the process.

Voit’s shot to dead center marked his 10th of the season, becoming the 12th player on this Yankees team to hit 10-plus homers on the same team. Not only is this impressive for this team but they are the only team in the history of baseball to accomplish this feat.

But that wasn’t the only record Voit helped smash with his bomb into Monument Park. Voit’s home run tonight gave the Yankees 246 on the season, setting a new single-season record for the franchise.

Just think…a country boy comes into the Bronx on a trade that many dubbed “silly” only to suddenly become a legend. He’s hit three home runs in two games. And there are still seven innings left to play today!

My oh my, Luke Voit has got it. While Voit was not looking like he would get much playing time in the beginning, Greg Bird’s struggles both at the plate and on the field forced him into the spotlight where he has begun to thrive.

That brash attitude, youthful excitement and massive club make for a great addition to this Yankees team. Last week it didn’t look like they could beat anyone. This week? Luke Voit has made sure nobody messes with this Yankees squad.

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