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Carmelo Anthony’s wild offseason is winding down and while on a trip to Qatar, Melo took to social media to document his trip.

Carmelo Anthony is in the Arabian country, Qatar to tour the country’s 2022 World Cup projects. He is joined by a few other NBA stars, including Klay Thompson, Tracy McGrady, and Luke Walton.


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The world traveler spent most of his summer figuring out where he would play next, but now he’s taking to Instagram to document his trip to Qatar.

Last summer we got to see Hoodie Melo in numerous workout videos and this summer we get to see Qatar Melo. Either way, Melo always has a knack for stirring the pot on social media.

Melo really is a master at social media. If you don’t have post notifications turned on for Melo, you’re doing something wrong. Whether you’re a diehard fan or a hater, his social media game always keeps things interesting. This time, he is getting everyone talking about this striking photo with a very spiritual caption.

The Houston Rocket is taking in all the sights of Qatar while he’s abroad. He seems to be enjoying his time in Qatar as he promotes the historic 2022 World Cup. The event will be the first time the World Cup takes place in an Arabian country. It’s undoubtedly historic and four years in advance, they are already working hard to promote it.

Melo did more than simply dress in the local garb during his trip. He’s posted a few other photos chronicling his journey.

أهلا بك(Welcome) to QATAR @roadto2022 #Qatar #GameOnDoha #STAYME7O

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@roadto2022 #Qatar #GameOnDoha #STAYME7O

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