New York Yankees Gleyber Torres
Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Gleyber Torres is in the midst of a horrific slump for the New York Yankees. However, nobody has more faith in him than his own manager, Aaron Boone.

0-for-4 on Tuesday night. A .122 batting average in the month of August. No, this isn’t Greg Bird we are talking about. Instead it is New York Yankees phenom Gleyber Torres.

The stats seem so far-fetched when you hear all the hype surrounding Torres, the rookie second baseman. But sadly, those recent numbers are true. And he looks completely lost at the plate since coming back from a stint on the disabled list in July.

But someone who isn’t concerned? Manager Aaron Boone played his classic “cool guy” style when discussing Torres’ recent struggles.

“He’s getting pitches to do some things with and fouling them off,” Boone told The Post’s Dan Martin. “Sometimes that’s the difference when you’re really locked in. I don’t feel like he’s too far off.”

Sure, he’s the manager but how much do we really believe what Boone is saying? After all, this is the same guy who literally said that Sonny Gray was figuring things out while he was in the middle of imploding on the mound. He’s also the guy that has said Greg Bird has been on the verge of exploding for a few months now.

Hey, we love Aaron Boone but it’s hard to believe when we’ve heard it all before. Basically, Torres has looked pitiful at the plate  and the magic he had during the first half of the season seems to have dissipated.

Not only that, but now the focus is primarily on the other rookie on the team in Miguel Andujar. With his red-hot bat distracting fans, the struggles for Torres are flying under the radar. But not anymore.

Torres’ bat is ice cold and the Yankees are STILL winning. Now let’s imagine how successful this team would be if Aaron Boone’s prediction is right.

Fingers crossed.

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