Alex Rodriguez
(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

He may not be wearing pinstripes anymore but former New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez may have just cracked the code on what the Bombers need for a successful season.

It’s no secret that the New York Yankees haven’t been at the top of their game in a while. The Bombers finished July with their lowest winning percentage so far this year and have already started August with a 2-5 record.

So, what gives? Well, broadcaster and former Yankee Alex Rodriguez seems to have an idea or two, as he shared some memories from his infamous brawl with Jason Varitek back in 2004 on Sunday Night Baseball’s broadcast.

“And I’m not saying the Yankees need to start a fight by any means, but I’d love to see more fight, more action, more Paul O’Neill attitude and sometimes you want a guy in the room to stand up and not necessarily throw a chair, but get in somebody’s face and show some emotion, some passion,” A-Rod said, per The Boston Globe. “Because right now I would want to shake somebody and it starts with yourself, being accountable.”

So, a fight, eh? Well, it worked for them earlier in the season, when recently traded Tyler Austin charged Boston’s Joe Kelly and sparked a magnificent run by the Yankees moving forward.

And if you are one of those fans who is worried about the Bombers getting hurt by participating in a brawl, just look at them. CC Sabathia can swat guys out of the way like flies. Giancarlo Stanton is an absolute beast. And when Aaron Judge comes back, he’ll protect the boys with all of his might, as he did back in Boston.

See? Maybe Alex Rodriguez is right. A little spark is needed to get these guys motivated. It happened before with Austin and it could just as easily happen again. My money is on Clint Frazier to start something once he gets back from injury. That fiery redhead could make something happen.

The season is far from over, my friends. If the Yankees don’t start pulling it together soon, a brawl might be just around the corner.

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