Boston Red Sox v New York Yankees
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The New York Yankees are struggling as of late and even without Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez, they are missing one huge piece of the puzzle in Ronald Torreyes.

The day Ronald Torreyes was sent down the minors in 2018 was a day many were up in arms. No, he didn’t crush home runs for the New York Yankees or play every single day. But that’s what made him such a key component to the success of the Bronx Bombers.

Right now, it’s safe to say that the Yankees are floundering. After being swept in embarrassing fashion in Boston and now sitting 9.5 games behind the AL East leaders, they are looking lifeless on both ends of the ball.

Of course, missing big bats like Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez could do that trick. Same with Luis Severino looking more like Sonny Gray in his recent starts. However, the struggles were present even before that.

While it’s difficult to look at the Yankees and think that they’re struggling, with their 69-win season and AL Wild Card lead, they don’t look like the dominant force on the diamond that they were earlier this season.

Maybe Torreyes wouldn’t be hitting bombs and making highlight-reel plays but he would be able to bring something that the Yankees have been severely lacking: a spark.

There is no doubt that Torreyes brings a special something to the clubhouse. The little guy served as the creator of “The Toe-Night Show” in the dugout while also bouncing off the bench at a moment’s notice to come into the game and produce a 2-for-4 night regularly.

Toe was demoted to the minors after the Yankees recalled Greg Bird from the disabled list and since that time, the Yankees have gone 25-22. While not a bad record, we have to remember that they are currently 27 games above .500 and are capable of playing so much better than they have been lately.

So where does Torreyes fit into all of this? He serves as a reliable utility infielder who, despite only playing in 24 games this season, has proven his worth. In those games that Torreyes plays in, the Yankees have an 18-6 record. They are clearly helped by Torreyes too, who is batting .323 in the Bronx and .391 with runners in scoring position.

However, the most important talent that Torreyes brings to the table is the way he brings the team together. You can see it in the dugout, how he brings passion and energy back to the game, which seems to have recently gone stale for the Yankees.

But can that truly make a difference? Some fans might ask that. The thing is that he produces on the field while also bringing a positive presence to the clubhouse. Even Aaron Boone said so when Torreyes was originally sent down, telling reporters, “you could feel it in the clubhouse last night.”

Torreyes doesn’t get much of a chance to prove himself but with the struggling reserves and dwindling starters due to injury, he could make an impact for a team that needs a little extra motivation to get through this difficult time.

Some say that attitude doesn’t make a difference but you can tell. Ever since Torreyes went down, it seems like the energy in the dugout and on the field has been lacking. Torreyes might just be the spark they need to get back to their dominating ways in time for the playoffs.

Right now, the Yankees are on track to have a great season. They likely aren’t going to catch the Boston Red Sox, who are in the midst of a historic season, but they will need to continue to win if they want to avoid losing the top Wild Card spot to the surging Oakland A’s.

Torreyes could be the spark they need to make the push towards October. The little guy is capable of so much but his energy is being wasted down in Triple-A Scranton.

No Judge? No Sanchez? No problem! The Yankees have the talent to win games but they just need their little lucky charm back.

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