New York Yankees Luis Severino
Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

The New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox are sworn enemies, but it seems as though Luis Severino has experienced a different reality.

Luis Severino has been out of this world during the 2018 season, including an appearance on the MLB All-Star team. The New York Yankees have found themselves a homegrown ace.

Severino hasn’t come this far just by practice. No, instead he had some unlikely mentors that just so happen to be former players from the Boston Red Sox.

According to Scott Miller of Bleacher Report, Severino spent some time learning alongside Pedro Martinez and David Ortiz starting back in 2016. Although both may be members of a rival organization, it clearly did some good for the development of this young gun.

But is it strange to see the two organizations working together in this way? Ortiz thinks not.

“Baseball is a fraternity,” Ortiz said, as reported by Miller. “We are not worried about who is going to be who. We are more worried about getting the game better. I have recommended so many guys to Pedro; I couldn’t even tell you.”

While fans are making this such a huge deal, it clearly seems that to these players don’t really care either way. And that makes it even better for Severino, who clearly has utilized the expertise of Martinez.

“I see pitchers from the Dominican; you need to work on this — go to Pedro,” Ortiz said, as reported by Miller. “Severino was one of those guys. We saw the talent that he has. We don’t focus on him pitching for the Yankees. We saw a great Dominican kid with talent, and we helped.”

These two were truly dedicated to helping Severino and, right now, he is reaping the rewards. He is one of the top pitchers in the American League, already fighting for a potential Cy Young award.

For once in our lifetime, we can thank the Boston Red Sox for actually helping the Yankees out instead of hurting them. I guess they’re off the hook for the time being.

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