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New York Yankees: Austin Romine continues doing weirdly beautiful things

Austin Romine may have been unable to catch the ball at home plate the inning before. But the New York Yankees backup certainly made up for it.

If you are watching this game between the New York Yankees and the Cleveland Indians, it quickly went from solid baseball to a free-for-all that is reminiscent of our days of playing Backyard Baseball.

Austin Romine couldn’t handle a high throw from Greg Bird, allowing Jose Ramirez to score the game-tying run in what was a comedy of errors. So leading off the next inning, he was hoping to get the ball rolling for the Bombers again.

Romine crushed a perfect leadoff double. But wait…he’s heading for third. And then the ball gets past third base. And…wait…the ball somehow finds its way into the dugout. And Austin Romine has himself a double with an error followed by another error and the Yankees are up 5-4.


Yeah, that was the reaction of that entire ballpark as Romine celebrate during his leisurely jog home. We saw just a half inning before what happens when you hustle, as Ramirez scored from second base on a ground ball to third. Romine was just showing that you don’t have to necessarily have his speed to manufacture runs.

Sometimes, it’s the luck of the draw.

But have you ever seen that before? Not just that play but the fact that it came directly after the Yankees blew the lead and the crowd was rocking in Cleveland’s favor.

Honestly, I’m okay with this. Thanks for showing us that hustle pays off, cupcake. The Bombers will gladly take that advice and use it to their advantage.

Basically, in the next computer/X-Box/PlayStation version of Backyard Baseball, we need to have an Austin Romine character available so we can get more home runs like that. Sorry, Pete Wheeler, there’s a new Backyard Baseball player who can hit those home runs.

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