The worst ceremonial first pitch has a new leader in with the St. Louis Cardinals as the backdrop. 

The ceremonial first pitch is a tradition that has existed for decades. With the first pitch comes some pretty funny moments from trips over the mound to bounced balls. Now, Major League baseball and the world has witnessed a hysterical headshot.

They say the worst place to be on the field is behind the catcher. Ask any MLB umpire and I’m sure they will agree. It’s a tough spot sometimes.

So to see the groundskeeper walking behind the catcher during the first pitch Sunday would make many fans wonder what are you doing?

The groundskeeper wasn’t injured during this first pitch incident, but it gets funnier every time you watch it (video above).

Lucas Hackmann is a groundskeeper who was just doing his job on Sunday afternoon. He was laying down a chalk stencil behind the plate that encouraged fans to vote Cardinals players into the All-Star Game.

As he was walking behind the catcher as the ceremonial first pitch was being conducted, the lucky person on the mound made a really bad pitch as the throw took the ball over the catcher and struck Hackman on the side of his head.

Talk about your wrong place at the wrong time.

Hackman has a knack for making special appearances at unique times at the ball field. This is the same groundskeeper that scooped up the “rally cat” in a game last year when the Cardinals hosted the Kansas City Royals.

Very happy to report that Hackmann didn’t suffer any major injuries from getting hit in the head. His pride was the only thing that suffered that afternoon.

Let’s see what Hackmann can come up with next season.

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