New York Yankees
Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

It wasn’t enough for the Tampa Bay Rays to sweep the New York Yankees this weekend. Instead, they had to take it a step further with a bogus invoice.

We all watched the train wreck that happened down in Tampa this weekend. The New York Yankees entered the hottest team in baseball and left with a three-game losing streak to the third-place Rays.

To add insult to injury, the Rays decided it was the time to make jokes. Hey, poke a team while they’re down…the sign of a typical bully.

However, props have to be given to the Tampa Bay Rays because their troll game is on point. And now the Yankees apparently owe the Rays a new speaker.

First of all, if the Yankees owe the Rays a new speaker, maybe the Yankees should be responding with a request for both a run and a win. Just a thought, seeing as how that lone speaker possibly cost them the game and it likely cost Clint Frazier a home run.

But the creativity behind the troll is what is most impressive. They could’ve just done a more passive-aggressive move or they could have literally tweeted “Yankees, we know your pain. We hate our stadium too.”

Or maybe the Yankees should be sending the Rays an invoice, perhaps one that request some profits from their ticket sales as they easily quadrupled when the Bombers came into town. Because we all know that stadium was filled with about 95 percent Yankees fans and five percent of people who didn’t want to sit in traffic anymore.

The troll job was absolutely fabulous by the Rays but the natural response is to peek at the standings. A sweep of the Yankees doesn’t do much when you can’t seem to beat any other teams in the league. Oh well!

Tampa Bay, the Yankees are going to have to decline this invoice and make you aware that your stadium might just be the worst thing that’s ever happened to the sport of baseball.

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