Did Bill Russell just do what I think he did? The camera cut to the legend just in time to catch him flipping off Charles Barkley.

Bill Russell is an absolute legend. The man just doesn’t care. Charles Barkley is in the midst of thanking Russell and heaping praise on the all-time great and Russell responds by flipping the bird. You have to love it.

I’m not sure if he knew the camera was on him or not, but I don’t think he really cares much. The Hall of Famer has 11 championships, five MVPs and accomplished just about as much as any player in the history of the game.

And to top it all off, he stole the show at the 2018 NBA Awards show. I’m usually not big into award shows of any kind. The Grammys, the Oscars, the Tonys, etc. You can keep them. They always run on far too long and there are enough bad jokes to make you cringe.

But this clip of Bill Russell made the entire night worth it. You have to love the look on his face after he flips the bird and then realizes they might have just caught his gesture on TV. You can’t teach this type of comedic timing, but what else would you expect from an all-time great.

It’s always nice to see someone else giving Chuck a hard time because that’s basically Charles Barkley’s whole shtick.

The gesture may not have been the most fan-friendly moment for the NBA, but it definitely goes down as the funniest moment from Monday night.

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