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Some of the things the 2018 New York Yankees are accomplishing literally boggle the mind, especially when broken down.

We all hear about the basic stats … batting average, home runs, etc. However, there are a few more stats that truly exemplify just how great of a season the New York Yankees are having … and it’s only June.

The 2018 Yankees are hitting home runs. No, actually, they’re smacking around bombs, missiles off the bat that are breaking the space-time continuum and causing volcanic eruptions across the globe.

Entering Friday night’s game, the Yankees showcase a crazy number of 122 home runs. The next closest team is their rival the Boston Red Sox who only have 107. They are absolutely clubbing the ball.

But that is not what makes this team special.

This season, the air has been ripe with anticipation over seeing young prospects and pure chemistry is exuding out of every corner of that dugout. The Yankees are putting together what could be a historic season and all we are focusing on are the home runs?

While they’re hard to ignore, it’s time to look beyond the basic numbers that are flashy. The Yankees may lead the entire league in home runs, slugging percentage (.466) and OPS (.797), but they are far exceeding their performance from last season and we’ve got the numbers to prove it.

The 2017 New York Yankees were something special. And so far, the 2018 Yankees are putting together stats that turns the 2017 squad green with envy. The best part? It’s only the month of June. There is still another half of baseball to be played.

Entering Friday, the Yankees have played in 72 games, compiling a stellar 50-22 record, good for the best in baseball. Through 72 games in 2017, the Yankees were 40-32, struggling to stay afloat with the resurgence of the Red Sox.

Now, the sample size may be smaller right now versus the entire 2017 season, but that just makes these type of numbers more impressive. The Yankees have already surpassed their longest win streak by winning nine in a row at the end of April. Last year’s longest streak was capped at eight games.

Even more impressive, thus far the Yankees have shut out their opponents five times. Last year, they only shut them out seven times over an entire season. That’s just another statistic that the Yankees are well on their way to surpassing.

Aaron Judge
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Let’s keep exploring, shall we?

The Yankees have already accomplished something incredible, which would be fighting back from a 7.5 game deficit to the Red Sox take over first place. Last year, they came back as well but against a 5.5 game deficit in far more time.

How about wins per month? The 2017 Bombers never won 16 or more games in a full month until their magical run in September. In just two full months in 2018, the boys in pinstripes have won 16-plus games in both of them. In June they are well on their way to doing the same, already earning 15 victories with eight days left.

This team might be constructed of a completely different makeup than last year’s improbable boys of summer.

At some point, people have to face the facts. The season may be far from over, but the Yankees are already crushing what they did last year. And by making it all the way to Game 7 of the ALCS, the possibilities are endless with this lineup.

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