New York Yankees
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Happy Father’s Day to all the great dads out there including those who happen to play professional baseball for the New York Yankees.

Sunday is the day for all the dads out there, the ones who work hard to provide for their families. It’s Father’s Day.

In terms of the New York Yankees, there are several fathers on the team. Some have children who are in the toddler stages while others have older children who are chasing dreams of their own.

Either way, they all deserve some recognition.

On Father’s Day, Major League Baseball has made it a tradition to don blue clothing and gear, much like they do for Mother’s Day. This year is no exception for the Bombers and their fellow teams.

However, this year we’ve put together a guide for Yankees fans in terms of the dads on the team. We know what kind of players they are but what kind of dads are they? We take a guess at some of these Yankees players.

Brett Gardner: The King of the Dad Joke Dad

His postgame emoji is a clown face. He is the team’s prankster. Of course in his own home, Brett Gardner would likely be that dad that is the king of telling the perfect dad joke.

Gardner, who has two little boys, likely brings the jokes every time he is at home. We don’t get much of a deep look inside Gardner’s personal life but from what we see from him in the clubhouse, it’s not too much of a stretch.

Honestly, that’s my favorite kind of dad. I love a good pun and a stupid joke every once in a while.

CC Sabathia: The Cool Dad

There’s no doubt in my mind that if you ask CC Sabathia’s kids what they think of dad, they’ll call him the “cool dad.” There’s always at least one in a group and this guy would be it.

A father of four, Sabathia’s kids get a lot of cool experiences because of their father being a professional baseball player. I mean, have you seen his kids’ styles? They know how to rock a great outfit.

Sabathia owns that “cool dad” title for sure. It doesn’t matter that he’s 37 and preparing for potential retirement … he’ll never retire from being a cool dad.

Sonny Gray: The Fun Dad

No, the “fun dad” and the “cool dad” are not the same. The fun dad is more playful, energetic and child-like. Sonny Gray fits that role to a T.

Maybe it is his baby face that makes him the perfect candidate. However, I think that deep down Gray is just a big kid at heart and that has to go a long way with his three-year-old son, Gunnar.

Gary Sanchez: The Chill Dad

I like to think of Gary Sanchez as a bit of a wild child. Even this year behind the plate, he’s been a little slower, not letting things affect him. I can imagine he does that as a father.

Sanchez has a daughter and it seems like he would do anything for her. I could see Sanchez giving her some free rein when it comes to figuring out the world. Of course, any dad would be protective of his daughter when it comes to dating but with everything else, it seems like Sanchez would definitely be more chill.

Aaron Judge: The Workaholic Dad

Let’s get one thing straight: Aaron Judge is not yet a dad. However, there are plenty of women who would likely want to give him that title.

Anyway, Judge would be the dad that is mostly focused on work. Have you seen how this guy goes out there every single day and works to improve in every facet of his game?

That’s not to say that a hard-working dad can’t be a great father because Judge likely will be. However, he will definitely be making work a huge priority because that is just who he is.

So on this Father’s Day, these ballplayers will be celebrating their own dads but we can also celebrate them. Happy Father’s Day to every dad out there, especially those donning pinstripes.

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