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New York Yankees: Single-A affiliate giving away Aaron Judge tape measures

The Charleston RiverDogs, an affiliate of the New York Yankees, are getting creative by giving away 1,000 Aaron Judge tape measures.

This is a fantastic idea from the Charleston RiverDogs. The single-A affiliate of the New York Yankees is giving away Aaron Judge tape measures as opposed to the normal giveaways fans are used to.

But why stop at tape measures? They should have another giveaway with Ronald Torreyes height charts for all the kids who come to a game. They could even do a giveaway on the same night where every adult gets an Aaron Judge height chart. How about a CC Sabathia night where every fan over the age of 65 gets a free copy of AARP magazine. Ok, I’ll admit that last one may not be the greatest idea, but I’m just spitballing here.

Judge is more than just a big name that Charleston is using to get fans to come to the ballpark—he has a history in Charleston. As a 22-year-old, Judge played 65 games in Charleston in 2014. He racked up nine home runs, 45 RBI, and an impressive slash line of .333/.428/.530. It’s no surprise that Judge didn’t spend much time in single-A.

The farm system is filled with baseball talent, but apparently, it’s filled with marketing talent as well. This is the second great marketing effort this week after the Staten Island Yankees announced that they would be changing their name to the Staten Island Pizza Rats for select Saturday games this season.

This isn’t your father’s Yankees organization. The organization seems a bit less buttoned up and stuffy than it almost ever has. The young team at the big league level is about as fun and exuberant a Yankees team as we’ve seen in decades. The minor league marketing departments seem to be following suit.

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