Justus Sheffield New York Yankees
Mandatory Credit: Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Yankees are anxiously awaiting the arrival of left-handed prospect Justus Sheffield in the majors. His former agent, however, couldn’t care less.

Justus Sheffield is quickly climbing the ranks for the New York Yankees as both a prospect and potential trade bait. The lefty really is something else.

And apparently he actually is something else, according to his former agent David Sloane. As reported by Ethan Sears of the New York Post, Sloane described Sheffield as a “bastard” with “no backbone, no integrity whatsoever.”

Those are some pretty harsh words to be slinging around in terms of one of the top Yankees prospects. But there is a history behind the relationship and we are now only getting one side of the story.

According to Sears, Sheffield and Sloane had a verbal agreement that negotiating a contract for Sheffield would earn Sloane at least five percent of commission. He ultimately worked out a $1.6 million contact for Sheffield after being drafted by the Cleveland Indians and was left out of the equation.

Basically, it is all a mess. The verbal agreement was not honored and Sloane spent much of his time chasing down the money he believed was rightfully his. After that, it was brought to court.

Sloane, who is no longer an agent, has some choice words to tell The Post in regards to the Sheffield family.

“[Justus] could have easily stood up and said, ‘You know what, Mom and Dad, I understand you’re looking out for what you think are my best interests, but I gave David my word, I believe he did a good job for me, and I’m going to do what I agreed to do,'” Sloan said in an phone interview with The Post. “But then, he allowed himself to act like a child and let Mommy and Daddy run his life.”

Umm wow…he didn’t hold anything back. Just remember that this is only one side of the story and until Justus Sheffield comes out with his side, we may never know the truth.

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