Stephen Curry is doing Stephen Curry things as he drains a halftime buzzer beater to knot the score at 56 against LeBron James’ Cleveland Cavaliers.

BANG! Mike Breen is all you needed to hear to know that Stephen Curry drilled that ridiculously deep shot to tie the game heading into halftime. Curry is putting on a show in the first half, but LeBron James would not be outdone.

Curry and James are leading their teams early on in Game 1 of the NBA Finals with 18 points and 24 points respectively. Curry is his usual dynamic self. He’s scoring on deep shots, creative finishes, and he’s also facilitating for his teammates with six assists.

James is en route to a vintage LeBron James Finals performance with 24 points while shooting 9-for-11 from the floor. If Cleveland has any hope in this series, it’s because James is the best player on the planet and going NBA Street Gamebreaker mode at any moment.

But anyone who has watched the Warriors in the past few years know that they are at their best in the third quarter. The buzzer beater by Curry was significant because it evened the score despite the Cavs holding as high as an 11-point lead during the second quarter.

So far, so good though. Everyone wants to see a close series, but I’m on record with a prediction for a Golden State sweep. It would be nice to see the Cavs prove me wrong, but James will need to sustain his current level of play for that to be a possibility.

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