Robinson Cano
Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

Former New York Yankee Robinson Cano’s suspension for PEDs was a surprise to many but not to one of his 2009 World Series champion teammates.

Oh, Robinson Cano. Don’t ya know that steroids aren’t allowed in the game of baseball?

The former New York Yankees second baseman was suspended for 80 games on Tuesday afternoon after testing positive for a banned substance. That substance was recognized as Furosemide, which Cano mentioned that he was taking for a medical ailment in his statement to fans.

While many expressed shock over the announcement, one of Cano’s former teammates expressed his lack of surprise on The Michael Kay Show on Thursday afternoon.

Mark Teixeira didn’t hold anything back when he was asked about Cano and his involvement with steroids.

“Robbie Cano’s assistant was on the list for Biogenesis,” Texieira told Michael Kay, as reported by Brendan Kuty of “Of course he had his assistant buy stuff for him. Alex Rodriguez got popped by Biogenesis and Melky (Cabrera) got popped. They’re his best friends. When someone gets lumped into that group, it’s because there’s evidence, there’s a paper trail, there’s a smoke trail.”

We’re used to seeing Teixeira as a jokester but this seems pretty serious. Obviously Teix knows Cano quite well from their five seasons together in pinstripes.

Perhaps what is even more interesting is that his suspension further besmirches the name of the 2009 World Series champion team. Cano marks the fourth player from that team to be wrapped up in a steroid scandal (Rodriguez, Melky Cabrera and Andy Pettite make up the other three).

Furthermore, Teix goes on to sing the praises of Cano and tell The Michael Kay Show that “I really don’t want to get into too much detail” per Kuty.

Cano, a lifetime .304 hitter, is paying his dues for his mistakes. Hopefully no more from the 2009 squad will join that list.

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