Mike Francesa
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WFAN’s Mike Francesa is about to do something he once swore he’d never do—he’s joining the rest of us on Twitter.

Mike Francesa is just full of surprises. First, he came out of retirement only months after concluding a year-long farewell tour. Now, WFAN’s boisterous afternoon host is going to create an official Twitter account—and soon.

He made the announcement during Wednesday afternoon’s broadcast of “Mike’s On.”

This is a stark reversal for Francesa, who, as the almighty Twitter user @OrdioMongo notes, announced to the world that it “should be illegal” for athletes and sports media to tweet before saying he’d nevah use the service himself back in 2012.

“You’re never gonna catch me tweeting, I promise you. If I do…you got a scoop. It’ll never happen. Never.”

Mongo provided the audio proof to back up his claim.

Interestingly enough, Francesa alludes to the downfall of Twitter user @BackAftaThis—AKA Funhouse—who for years has been posting clips of Francesa’s show before being shut down by another WFAN employee, as part of the reason he’s joining the Twitterverse.

The whole situation is downright ridiculous.

By his own admission, Francesa’s primary reason for joining Twitter is to help promote his “Mike’s On” app, which, by all accounts, will have plenty of content locked behind a paywall.

Why anyone, even the most devout Francesa fan, would pay for whatever “special” content he’s going to have on the app when you can listen to his ramblings and rants for free from 3-to-6:30 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday, is beyond me.

Especially when Francesa’s foray onto Twitter is a stone cold, lead pipe lock to provide hours of entertainment. It won’t necessarily be what he Tweets, mind you, but rather the responses his tweets generate—and any replies he might send.

So buckle up, sports fans. Friday afternoon, things are going to get way more interesting.

Back afta this.

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