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Alex Rodriguez shares Instagram photo with Patriots’ Tom Brady

Former New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez posted a complimentary photo with one of New York’s biggest rivals of all-time, Tom Brady.

Believe it or not, but professional athletes from rival cities can be friends outside the white lines and cathedral stadium venues. Former New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez posted a photo from the event and via Instagram with New England Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady.

The two superstars and world champion athletes from New York and Boston were spotted together on Monday night at the 2018 Met Gala in New York City, and one photo taken from the gala is making headlines.

The photo received mixed reactions from media outlets and especially from each respective city’s fan bases. The number of comments on the post should speak for itself, too.

While the athletes represent rival cities and two different sports, the two may have more in common than you think. Both Rodriguez and Brady are more than just professional athletes, but are borderline celebrities as each date Grade A celebs (Jennifer Lopez/Gisele Bündchen); which is why the two champions were at the Met Gala, to begin with.

Die-hard fans from Boston and New York don’t appreciate the photo that A-Rod took with the five-time Superbowl champion, but both cities may just have to get used to seeing this dynamic duo together more often in the near future.

At the moment, Rodriguez is excelling as a sports broadcaster with ESPN and Fox Sports analyzing baseball. With that being said, Tom Brady will more than likely be hitting the broadcast booth or entertainment industry once he decides to hang up the cleats from the NFL.

Regardless of your opinions for both Rodriguez and Brady, they’re both born to be on television and are well-spoken. Again, they played different sports, but that doesn’t mean that one day they won’t be covering a big sporting event like maybe the Super Bowl on Fox.

Either way, Boston fans may have the last laugh considering Brady didn’t return the favor and post a complimentary photo with the former Yankee.

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