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888Winners of 15 of their last 16 games, you better call the fire department. The New York Yankees are not just lit, they are on absolute fire and look to continue that streak.

Alicia Keys’ song had a lyric change this week. Basically “this team is on fireeeeee.” I like that version 10 times better.

Anyways, the New York Yankees have been absolutely incredible. They are undefeated in the month of May and are winners of 15 of their last 16 games. They spent this week taking three of four from the Houston Astros and sweeping the Cleveland Indians at Yankee Stadium.

Naturally, there were no shortage of impressive plays to look at for this week. However, this week’s list is high on rookies and a little light on veterans. That’s okay, it just shows that the future is insanely bright for the entire squad.

6. Put on a show, Toe!

Ronald Torreyes can sit four gamesand still come back with an impressive 2-for-4 performance. This time, he made a top play while playing third base.

In the bottom of the second, Yuli Gurriel made a play for a double that was thwarted by Torreyes, who made a terrific diving play to snag the line drive. Beautiful play by the utility infielder!

5. The new second baseman

Gleyber Torres is filling a void in the second base position and he’s starting to remind us all of a great second baseman from just a short while ago.

Torres has made a few stellar plays but this one in particular is similar to the plays that Robinson Cano used to make. Torres ranged to his left to snag a ground ball that was likely going to the outfield for a hit and turning it into an out.

How smooth he looks over there! Like we said, very similar to Robinson Cano. And we all know how well he did defensively for the Yankees…

4. German-imo!

Domingo German took over for Jordan Montgomery on Tuesday night and showed that he has the stuff to be a major league starter. He took over that role on Sunday afternoon and did far better than anyone could have imagined.

German faced the Cleveland Indians and pitched six brilliant innings of no-hit baseball. In the process, he threw 84 pitches, allowing no runs and walking two while striking out nine.

For someone who is making his first major league start, that is incredible. He looked filthy on the mound, making some of the best hitters in the American League look like amateurs. Monty better watch out because when he comes back, that fifth starter slot might be occupied.

3. #Cyverino

Luis Severino is undoubtedly the ace of the squad and he did just that against the Houston Astros on Wednesday night. Severino pitched his first complete game shutout to help the Yankees go up 2-1 in the four-game series.

Sevy allowed five hits in his nine innings of work while walking one and striking out 10. He looked phenomenal and made the Yankees feel a little more confident in playing in Houston, which they hadn’t won a game in the ALCS.

This might be the start of a great stretch for Sevy, who has looked good all season long but looked incredible on Wednesday. A few more of these starts and Sevy’s name might just change to Cyverino.

2. Just Du It!

Miguel Andujar has done some pretty incredible things in his first full season with the Yankees. So far, he’s been incredibly impressive and he earned himself his first walk-off hit on Friday night against Cleveland.

While it wasn’t a tape-measure home run or even a hard-hit single, Andujar hung in for a tough at-bat against Cody Allen and ended up taking a hanging slider into no-man’s land to bring Giancarlo Stanton in for the winning run.

After giving up a 5-0 lead, the Yankees didn’t deserve to win that game in the slightest. However, the baseball gods were on Andujar’s side, as he drove in the winning run and proved that the clutch spot is his favorite spot to be in.


Gleyber Torres has already impressed both in the field and at the plate for the Yankees. We end this week’s top plays with the best of the best, Torres’ first walk-off home run.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about it is the power it took to get this opposite-field shot out of the ballpark. At first glance, it looked to be a sacrifice fly but Torres got more than enough to send it to the Yankees bullpen to complete the comeback.

The Yankees have outscored their opponents 21-3 in the ninth inning this season, according to Katie Sharp. This team was built for comebacks and the rookies are now taking matters into their own hands, with Miguel Andujar’s walk-off hit on Friday night.

This week was by far the best week of Yankees baseball that we’ve seen in quite some time. Now, they get to keep the heat going while facing the Boston Red Sox in the Bronx for a three-game set before they get the Oakland A’s at home.

If you haven’t been watching this team, start watching now. This team is something special.

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