New York Yankees CC Sabathia
Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Winning the World Series is an incredible feat. It seems that doing so with this New York Yankees team would spell the end of CC Sabathia’s career.

CC Sabathia has always been incredibly vocal when it comes to playing the game of baseball. The New York Yankees starter expressed his desire to continue playing until he knew it was his time, regardless of his bum knee.

Well it seems like Sabathia has an ultimatum. According to The New York Post, CC Sabathia will retire if the Yankees win their 28th World Series title this season.

According to George King III, Sabathia would have also left the game had the Yankees completed their magical playoff run and won the title.

“I want one more parade and I’m pretty sure that will be it,” Sabathia said to The Post. “I thought I had it last year.”

Wait…he said “I’m pretty sure.” Which means that even if the Yankees do continue their dominance and emerge victorious in October, Sabathia will likely be done but there’s still a chance he could come back if the team is a contender once again.

Hmm, sneaky there, CC. Sabathia is currently in his 18th MLB season and his 10th with the Yankees. He first came on board with the pinstripes in 2009 where he participated in the first parade of his career.

Overall, Sabathia has had an incredible career. With the Yankees alone, he has a .626 winning percentage and a 3.70 ERA. So far this season, Sabathia has a 2-0 record and is posting a miraculous 1.39 ERA in six games.

And he’s looking to retire? Yeah, I don’t think so. The Yankees might force him to stay on their roster until he finally shows some signs of slowing down with his age.

The 37-year-old lefty is still competing at an incredibly high level. My guess? One more World Series will only make him hungrier for another one. And another one. And a few more.

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