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New York Yankees: Didi Gregorius dons sick helmet after Friday’s collision (Video)

The New York Yankees have Didi Gregorius to thank for a lot of their recent hot streak so naturally he deserves his own special helmet after being kicked in the head on Friday.

In the top of the eighth inning on Friday night, a scene out of The Lion King transpired in the infield at Yankee Stadium. With Didi Gregorius and Francisco Lindor racing for second base, Gregorius got a cleat to the head and Lindor and Gleyber Torres immediately fell to his side, much like Simba to the side of his dying father Mufasa (tears).

After rolling on the ground for a little bit, Gregorius got up and, like a true warrior, continued to play. While in the NFL he would be taken out for concussion protocol, this is BASEBALL. There are no rules.

Here’s a quick review of the play:

So the kick to the head definitely looked painful but Didi Gregorius and the Yankees came up with the perfect solution: an incredibly cool helmet.

Gregorius donned the helmet after the game, wearing it out on the field as they were shaking hands. Gregorius got to spend the afternoon on the bench, his first full game off since April 18.

But the turnaround on that design, though! Gregorius got hit Friday night and Saturday afternoon he had a brand new helmet to wear. Plus, the fact that it looks so cool means that the designers came up with that right away.

Or did Gregorius himself design it? We all know that he’s a budding artist so it’s possible he had a say in the making of his helmet.

Regardless, at least he can play it off. Nobody got hurt and it was an accident. So why not put a little humor into the situation?

That’s what Didi Gregorius does best. It’s okay, Francisco Lindor. However, you can’t knock out the best shortstop in the American League. He always finds a way to bounce back in style.

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